Hans Zimmer tribute – Driving Miss Daisy… plus Bonus Track

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Yo I hope everyone has enjoyed the recent guest write-ups. Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed. I personally have really enjoyed a lot of this stuff — so thanks again… and in fact, we have more to come… I thought I’d send one out this week tho cause I had a bit of an interesting music experience recently… I’m not exactly a morning person — for instance, when I wake up I don’t hop out of bed and like whip open the window curtains, stretch, and grin as I watch the sun slowly rise over Pittsburgh. I kinda lay there like the ppl in the Ambien commercials and think, ‘shit, I have to wake up.’ So I always thought it would be great to have one of those alarm clocks that plays music to wake you up… thinking that potentially it would make mornings a little less depressing. Anyways I finally searched online for one and I found out you can just download them for free onto your computer, and it allows you to choose any mp3 on your computer as the alarm. So if you have computer speakers it’s pretty tight. In fact, here is the link if you want to download the program: www.download.com So anyways it actually has been working pretty well. One day however it didn’t exactly wake me up completely cause my computers speakers weren’t turned up loud enough… it just woke me up enough that I was in this half asleep half awake period for like 2 hours… where my computer played the song I chose… and then just continued down the order of songs in iTunes… until Jr

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