Chasing Shadows (Original Song) by FlopPuppy

Chasing Shadows (Original Song) by FlopPuppy(video) \ (Follow on Twitter) (Cover Songs) (Animated Music Videos) Lyrics, Guitar & Vocals performed by FlopPuppy Stardate: 20120921.1519.5 Chasing Shadows I’m chasing shadows where I am now I didn’t want you to leave me behind Now I’m stuck here all alone You left me ignored me till I felt gone Till I felt gone I didn’t know what to say I was so torn when you just ignored me I didn’t think it would be this way So I am chasing you in my mind I want to ask you why did you leave me behind Cause I’m torn I felt left behind If only I knew why Interlude (01:55 – 02:14) So I tried to get advice about what I should do What comes back to me is I should just leave you alone But how can you have friends and I’m not one of them What’s wrong, What’s wrong, What’s wro

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