Amazing Grace. Lisa Kataoka,片岡リサ

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Lisa Kataoka , Queen of Koto, a composer, arranger, player and singer This music is arranged, Koto played and sung by Lisa Kataoka. She sings Amazing Grace while playing the Koto like a piano. Koto is a Traditional Japanese 13 string musical instrument plucked with three plectra worn on fingers and Lisa plays other instruments, too, Shamisen( a traditional Japanese 3 string instrument plucked with a plectrum), Jushichigen(17 string Koto invented by Michio Miyagi who was the teacher of Lisa’s teacher) and Kokyu( a traditional Japanese 3 string instrument played with a bow). She sings in both Japanese traditional and Italian bel canto ways and composes music. Performances(outstanding): June 15 (Tokyo) and June 29 (Osaka), 2010: B to C Concert B is for Bach and C is for contemporary. She began her recital playing “Rokudan” which was composed by a Japanese composer Yatsuhashi who died in the same year when Johann Sebastian Bach was born. After two pieces of Japanese Koto music, composed in 1914 and 1980 respectively , she played by Koto and sang in German Bach’s Cantata BWV 68 and played Bach’s Polonaise BWV1067 by a single Koto. She played three more pieces of traditional/contemporary music. Three of nine pieces of music she played were composed by Michio Miyagi. Her performance is highly appreciated in the article of METROPOLIS . 2002: Played Disney music at the first ” Disney on CLASSIC” with Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and Century Orchestra Osaka. 2000

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