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I will now be posting around the 10th of each month “THANK-YOU” posts, like this one, to all the advertisers of the previous month listed as at month end. That’s a permanent link in our blog, under a new category heading which I call .. “Sponsor Appreciation”. I know it’s hard out there trying to figure out where to spend your advertising dollars .. and well .. THANKS for considering the

You may now advertise on this site in the form of Text Link Ads. I should note that the link in the previous sentence is an affiliate link, and if you do sign up for the first time through this link, I may earn a small commission. I should also note that if you are a new client, you can receive $100.00 worth of FREE Text Link Ads by entering “starting kit” into the promotion code at their checkout. That means you can basically spend maybe $125 worth of advertising this month – and only pay $25! (You don’t have to spend it here – don’t worry!). are for a 30 day term, in most cases. If you are interested in a longer-term period, feel free to contact HART.

But if you do want to spend it here .. I am currently offering ten (10) spots for text link ads per month, and they will appear on every page in our right sidebar, under the SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS section. At this moment, all 10 spots are available (we have just started to offer spots).

Our site is currently available at Text-Link-Ads at this URL ..

Please Support Our Sponsors From [Last Month]



Thank-You Sponsors!

(Well, that’s how this will look every month – including sites on record at the end of each month)

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