Meme: Top Five on Friday – Week 66

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– Top Five On Friday – Week 66

Top 5 songs played on your winamp, media player, ipod, etc.

(I thought this was something fun and different….hope you enjoy this week’s meme!)

Naturally, I have some large assorted playlists that I have been listening to, in my MusicMatch player .. and some of them include streaming http sites from online internet radio stations (see sidebar). There are a few songs that I tend to play over and over and will include in many different playlists … like Madonna’s “Ray of Light” or Madonna’s “Beautiful Stranger” or Jesus Jone’s “Zeros and Ones” or Baz Luhrmann’s “Everybody Free to Wear Sunscreen” or Limp Bizkit’s “My Way of the Highway” or Cockney Rebel’s “Make Me Smile” or Talking Head’s “(Nothing But) Flowers” .. or practically anything from Dishwalla ….

… But this past week I have been only listening to two bands … randomly in my MusicMatch … Black Eyed Peas .. and B-52’s … So ..I flipped a coin – and it came up TAILS .. so, my picks for this week are 100% B-52’s … ENJOY! They will be removed at the time of my next MEME entry …


[audio:] 1) Mesopotamia

[audio:] 2) Vision Of A Kiss

[audio:] 3) Theme For A Nude Beach

[audio:] 4) Strobe Light

[audio:] 5) Revolution Earth

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About: B-52’s

The B-52\'s

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The B-52’s are a rock band from Athens, Georgia; the first of many from the college town that has become one of the most important centers in alternative rock. The name comes from the bouffant wigs that are a part of the band’s distinctive look, worn by singers Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson. Along with Wilson and Pierson, Keith Strickland, Ricky Wilson (Cindy’s older brother) and Fred Schneider formed the band after a drunken night at a Chinese restaurant. Their sound is particularly marked by the vocals of Wilson and Pierson, with Kate singing in a slightly deeper voice, along with the generally monotone or spoken-word vocals of Schneider. Aside from their vocals, the band also had a unique New Wave sound that was a combination of dance and surf music and the unusual guitar-string tunings utilized by Ricky Wilson. Although part of the new wave movement, their music was more experimental than most new wave, indulging in all manner of odd vocal and synthesizer effects. It created a quirky dance sound that became very popular.

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