Meme: Top Five on Friday – Week 70

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– Top Five On Friday – Week 70

Let’s get spaced out

Top 5 songs with/or about “space” and if you’re feeling frisky 5 “spacey” albums.


1) PINK FLOYD – Astronomy Domine

2) B-52’s – Planet Claire

3) MOBY – We Are All Made Of Stars

4) I MOTHER EARTH – One More Astronaut

5) BOB DYLAN – Everybody Must Get Stoned


LAIKA & THE COSMONAUTS – Amazing Colossal Band
Amazing Colossal Band

LOVE AND ROCKETS – Earth, Sun and Moon
Earth, Sun, Moon

KEVIN SPACEY – Beyond The Sea
Beyond the Sea

DR. DEMENTO’S – Hits From Outer Space
Hits from Outer Space

ALPHA CENTAURI – Tangerine Dream
Alpha Centauri

If you want any of the above – give me a shout …. hart (at) THE-SINGERS (dot) com
All songs for your perusal will only be here until my next entrant for the the Top Five Meme list!

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