Meme: Top Five On Friday – Week 60

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– Top Five On Friday – Week 60

Top 5 “British” Bands and a song by each

Whenever I hear the phrase “British Rock Music” or anything close (like ‘British Bands’) .. I can only think of two groups …. The Beatles .. and The Jeff Beck Group … The Beatles, while there are lots of pick in my library, I thought I would start with Jeff Beck … If you are not up to date with who Jeff Beck is .. (and no, that’s a different ‘Beck’ that does Loser and Two Turntables and a Microphone) .. he is associated with Yardbirds (Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page) The Jeff Beck Group (Rod Stewart, Ron Wood and Nicky Hopkins) .. and many solo efforts on his own and for others! I started a thread about Jeff Beck .. HERE

Anyway … For this meme, I loaded up my Musicmatch with Jeff Beck songs and picked all of my songs while listening to his music. I have deleted the last Meme’s picks from my server, and have included these songs for your listening enjoyment until the next Meme!

Here are my choices…

1 . Jeff Beck – Constipated Duck

2. Led Zeppelin – Thank You

3. Genesis – The Battle of Epping Forest

4. The Kinks – Come Dancing

5. Oasis – Helter Skelter (Beatles Cover song, Japanese hit version)

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