Meme: Top Five On Friday – Week 54

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– Top Five On Friday – Week 54

Top 5 “royal” songs. (songs with kings, queens etc in the title)

Greetings …

I have been participating in this Meme for a while now … first on .. which is my business blog. I then moved it over to … which is my personal blog. Now, for 2006 (at least starting from today) all music meme participation will be seen on this blog!

In case you are new to this game … “What Is A Meme?” … Here’s the Reader’s Digest version how to play!

* If you do not have a blog or website, tell me YOUR choices for this topic in my comments!
* If you have a blog .. post an entry on YOUR blog .. then go visit the HOST Meme site (Music Memoirs) and post a link back to your blog entry.

My Picks In No Particular Order

It’s amazing how you can look at a topic, and your mind goes blank … then look at your music collection and can come up with about 20 songs for any topic! Well, here are my Top Five … and I’m not linking them today for download – if you want one (or any of them) .. drop me an email with the songs you want and I’ll provide you a link to download!

QUEEN – March Of The Black Queen

THE PUMPS – Coffee With The Queen

GENESIS – Dancing With The Moonlit Knight

AEROSMITH – Kings And Queens

SPIN DOCTORS – Two Princes

Gratuitious Self-Promotion

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