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I wonder if being born in 1963 had great influence in my reasons for listening to “THE BEATLES“, or the fact that I have taken about 17 combined years of piano lessons and theory growing up had great influence in my liking the band in which the bass guitar was really a keyboardist .. in “THE DOORS“, or if just growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba and watching our Local home boys “THE GUESS WHO” become famous .. yes .. I wonder! But, I do know, if I go through the list of bands from the 1960’s .. these are my Top 3 and favorites.

Did I mention that I can play almost every song these bands have ever written on the Piano or Keyboards/Synth? Of course .. the only successful one I ever did with our Garage Band growing up was The Doors’ Light My Fire .. I rock on that one 🙂

Take Me Back Tuesday – Week 62

Name your three favourite artists from the 1960’s.
Name your three favourite albums released in the 1960’s.
Name your three favourite songs from the 1960’s.

The Beatles

The following are my favorite two songs of all songs ever written by The Beatles. Day Tripper because I just love the way it sounds cranked up in my car and home stereo. The first time I heard it super-loud .. was in 1979 when I got my first car (Chev Nova) and installed a wicked Blaupunkt stereo with 7-band graphic Equalizer. The foot pedal drum beat makes the whole song and was quite unique (at that time) and to me – this is the beat of The Beatles. I’ve always fancied myself to the words of Nowhere Man, but really .. it’s one of the best bass lines of Paul i.m.o. … Crank it up! Enjoy!
[audio:] – Day Tripper
[audio:] – Nowhere Man
Ed Sullivan Presents the Beatles

The Doors

As I mentioned above, I can play Light My Fire on the keyboards .. so it immediately classifies as my favorite The Doors tune .. Funny thing was, I also had a Rickenbacker Bass guitar for fun, and one day some friends asked me to play along in their gig at a dumpy hotel near our work, and without practice, our first two songs with Santana’s Black Magic Woman and The Doors L.A. Woman. Go figure .. I know the song backwards and forward in my head and on the piano, but – I sure blew it that day! lol.. I never did play the Bass with those guys again.

[audio:] – Light My Fire
[audio:] – L. A. Woman
The Doors (Special Edition)

The Guess Who

Bus Rider is my favorite tune by The Guess Who, and it’s not just because I used to ride the bus .. 🙂 because, I didn’t. We moved out to the country north of Winnipeg (just past the Pine Ridge Golf Course for you local people familiar with the area, last house before the dump!) and in my driving years so I was fortunate to have a car for transportation. There were no buses around our neck of the woods .. but the song is what I always pictured in my mind what music would play if I were to take a bus to work everyday to make a living. The Guess Who were the first Canadian Band who had a #1 song in the U.S.A. (American Woman) .. and this was the 2nd best song at the time that the ‘Yanks’ thought was cool enough to climb the charts. I prefer it over American Women myself. By the way .. my 2nd favorite song by The Guess Who? Undun.
[audio:] – Bus Rider
[audio:] – No Time
Guess Who - Running Back Thru Canada

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