Meme: Random Ten – Week 42

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Random Ten – Week 42

10 songs that sum up your weekend…or were on your weekend playlist…and one picture that relates back. (oh, and if you feel like it, tell us why you picked the songs you did)

In No Particular Order

Well, I was listening to my playlist that I created only from songs that I have downloaded from (Hi Quality Free and Legal MP3 Music) … You probably have never heard of these bands and these songs .. Maybe you have .. I don’t know – There’s a link in the right sidebar – you should go 🙂

PS: I’ve linked only the ones that have already appeared on my sites, I’ll leave the others for future meme or postings 🙂 If curious, give me a shout at .. using our “Contact Page

1) Slackjaw – The Curvature of the Earth

2) The Capital Years – Supper

3) Cat Power – He War

4) Need New Body – Show Me Your Heart

5) Rye Coalition – Communication Breakdance

6) Calexico – Crystal Frontier

7) Pavement – Greenlander

8) The Lively Ones – Surf Rider

9) Royal City – Bad Luck

10) Joaquina – Last of the Cut N Pasters

The Picture that best describes my weekend

I was trying to look at the ‘whole picture’ relating my work schedule, billings, deadlines, etc … Of course, I wasn’t actually looking at THIS calendar, but I found that on the ‘Net … Reminds me of my friend Joe‘s Trivia Blog ..

February 2006 Calendar

Of course, if I were to post my “2nd” pick – it probably would have been the picture of the movie Trailer for GROUNDHOG DAY starring Bill Murray .. Must have seen bits and pieces of that movie around 4 times this past weekend, even though I watched it on Thursday .. 🙂

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