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In 1987, Steven Wilson began Porcupine Tree, a musical outlet for his early songwriting that became an English progressive rock band. Unique from its conception, Porcupine Tree was created to satisfy growing interest about the “legendary Porcupine Tree,” the fictional influence claimed in the booklet Wilson distributed with early tapes of his work.

Originating as the punch line of a joke, Porcupine Tree grew into a successful solo project, and then into a full fledged four-piece group. As a result of growing attention, Wilson recruited keyboardist Richard Barbieri, bassist Colin Edwin, and drummer Chris Maitland to play live gigs. Their first album as a four-piece was Signify in 1996. This configuration remained unchanged until 2002, when Chris Maitland was replaced by Gavin Harrison. Beginning in 2002, Porcupine Tree has been joined on tour by John Wesley, providing additional guitar and vocal contributions to the band’s live shows. Steven Wilson himself is the lead vocalist and guitar player for the band.

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