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Genesis are a British rock band, formed in 1967.

The band is widely known for two distinctly different musical phases. Early on in their career, their complex song structures, elaborate instrumentation, and theatrical live shows made them one of the most revered bands of the 1970s progressive rock movement. In the 1980s and beyond, their music took a distinct turn towards pop, becoming considerably more hook-oriented and more accessible to the musical mainstream. This second period considerably increased their worldwide commercial success and publicity as well.

Most notable members are Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins, both of whom achieved additional success as solo artists and in further venues.

After three decades of activity, Genesis have been on indefinite hiatus since 1998, though they did reunite to re-record a single song in 1999. Their longevity is only outdone by the likes of the Rolling Stones and The Grateful Dead.

The band’s origin lies in the late 1960s, when founding members Peter Gabriel and Tony Banks were still students at Charterhouse School. Genesis was formed from the merger of two separate school bands — The Garden Wall (Gabriel, Banks) and Anon (Rutherford, Phillips). The original line-up consisted of Peter Gabriel (vocals), Anthony Phillips (guitar), Tony Banks (keyboards), Mike Rutherford (bass), and Chris Stewart (drums).

Genesis recorded its first album, 1969’s From Genesis to Revelation, after striking a deal with Jonathan King, a songwriter and producer who had a hit single at the time called “Everyone’s Gone to the Moon”. King supposedly dubbed the band Genesis because it was the first serious band he’d worked with, or the ‘genesis’ of his career.

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