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The year is 1991. The line between alternative and mainstream culture in America is irreparably blurred, just as a group of Japanese teenagers form an uncompromising thrash band half a world away, spitting 2-minute blasts of indecipherable terror for anyone that can stand the physical and emotional damage it willfully inflicts. Fast-forward fifteen years: Punk’s corpse has been cannibalized to the bone and Envy has irreparably blurred the lines dividing the various factions of hardcore. Still terrifyingly sincere, their songs are now life-affirming, triumphant portraits for anyone strong-willed enough to withstand the emotional epiphanies they inspire. Following 2003’s A Dead Sinking Story, Envy made their first-ever trip to the US for a brief tour of the east coast and midwest. Fourteen years after forming, they finally had the opportunity to see just how far their story had traveled. Without the services of a manager, booking agent or publicist, this seemingly anonymous band sold out every show, drawing crowds in cities like New York and Washington DC as large as 500+. Returning to America this year with a new album, a new label, and the same eternally-youthful spirit that has kept them pushing forward, Envy are poised to break the silence that has kept them one of the world’s best kept secrets for so long. We’ll see you on the other side.

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1. Further Ahead of Warp
2. Shield of Selflessness
3. Scene
4. Crystallize
5. The Unknown Glow
6. Night In Winter
7. A Warm Room

Insomniac Doze

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Video: Envy – Scene

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