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New Release: Cold War Kids – Robbers and Cowards

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Highly anticipated debut album from California’s Cold War Kids. Reagan babies, missile fears, and international blues. Cold War Kids started with jangly guitar, hand claps, and a Harmony amp in a storage room atop Mulberry Street restaurant in downtown Fullerton, CA. For the first practices, having instruments was not as important as heavy stomping and chanting. Clanging on heat pipes, thumping on plywood walls. Hollering into tape recorders. Slipping and swaying into alleyways and juke joints of yesteryear. Dreaming the American dust bowl and British maritime. On the restaurants roof the sound and feeling was cultivated and burned, built and hallowed out, painted and stripped to the primer. Cold War Kids make songs about human experience in orchards and hotel rooms, laundromats and churches, sea ports and school halls. Using songs of Dylan, Billie Holiday, and the Velvet Underground as a road map, they strive to manipulate, structure, and style their music with honesty.

Disk | 1

1. We Used To Vacation
2. Hang Me Up To Dry
3. Tell Me In The Morning
4. Hair Down
5. Passing The Hat
6. Saint John
7. Robbers
8. Hospital Beds
9. Pregnant
10. Red Wine
11. God Make Up Your Mind
12. Rubidoux

Robbers and Cowards

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