Greetings and Salutations!

Hi. I just deleted my old wordpress files and recreated one from scratch. An afterthough occurred to me .. what if I still wanted some of the old stuff?

 So, I imported the old stuff and it appears magically in the archives!

 However .. You should be warned that I might be deleting it all again .. that is, the stuff before this post!


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HART-Empire Network II

HART-Empire Network IIRSS Feed

Listed above is the Site URL and RSS Feed URL to our “Network #2 Blog” .. over at the HART-Empire Network … I hope you check it out!

HART-Empire Network II is our newest blog that reposts summaries and headlines from 100% of all blogs in our network. So, if you want to see it all in your Bloglines or other feed reader of choice … now all you need to choose is just one combined feed!

(Oh .. you can keep this feed in there too :D)


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Is this template crashing your system?

UPDATE: It seems that one of my plugins was the cause … and I have DEACTIVATED it. Please let me know if there are any further crashing or delays or issues with the loading of the blog. // Thank-You


if so – please email me to let me know –
hart (at) the-singers (dot) com
Also, please advise what browser you are using .. / THANKS // HART
(this also goes for section)

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LYRICS Database Added To

Our LYRICS Database is now “live”

Click on the above link, or select the permanent link in our Right Sidebar under the “PAGES” subtitle .. To return back to the blog, click the top left link called “BLOG HOME” to return back to here.

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If you comment on this blog, and notice a broken picture next to your name .. it’s because you haven’t created a “Gravatar” yet …

What Is A Gravatar?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A gravatar is a globally recognized avatar. They follow the user and display next to the users name everywhere the user posts on the web, assuming the website has enabled them. The users are distinguished by their e-mail address, whose MD5 hash is sent to the Gravatar server for the correct avatar to be returned. Gravatars are rated with the MPAA-style system, making it possible for website owners to decide what’s appropriate for the viewer to see.

Get yours at … .. It’s easy! Just upload a small avatar and associate it with a specific email address, and whenever you use that email address and comment on a “Gravatar Enabled” site (like this one) .. your picture will show up automatically!

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I have finished re-organizing the workings of this template including renaming the permanent links and categories. I apologize for any inconveniences that the changing perma-links have on any trackbacks or other people’s site references .. but c’est la vie!

Take care… // HART

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I am in the process of reorganizing the entire blog and site. Some entries and comments in our archives will remain while others will be deleted without notice, as I see fit. Afterwards, I will post a notice that the reorganization is complete, and will be leaving the archives in tact.

The two sticky entries at the top of this blog will remain ..

(1) Regarding music news and other tidbits around the net – see post!
(2) Regarding my quest to promote bands in this site – see post!

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Promote Your Band, Send Me Reviews, and Sign Me Up For News .. at

I’m looking for BANDS, PROMOTERS, REVIEWERS, and ANY MUSIC RELATED SITE that offers subscriptions via email … to provide me and this blog with periodic content updates via email.


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New Sticky Added To

I have added a new “Sticky” post that will always remain at the top of .. the Latest Music News Post.

This post contains scripts that will pull out TODAY’s music headlines … for general music, blues music, country music, jazz music, pop music and rock music.

The content is pulled in from “” site .. and is not maintained on this website. Tomorrow — today’s news headlines and stories will be gone. So, be sure to come daily and read the music news!

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Changes at

Too many people have been linking to songs on my site and using up my bandwidth. In my attempts to halt this action and prevent people from deliberately stealing the content from my site or using up my bandwidth by linking to files on my site directly on their own sites .. two things have come to my attention:

(1) That it is very hard to completely stop certain individuals determined to “use” others to their advantage


(2) My host server provider has pointed out to me that the inclusion of certain songs on this site potentially violates certain DMCA Copyright Infringement Notifications, which could create issues for me and possible suspension! (The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) sets forth the law regarding the use of copyrighted materials on the Internet)

Okay ! So, to solve both problems in the meantime I have removed all the .mp3’s linked to the individual posts up to this date until a better solution is presented and implemented.


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