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Too many people have been linking to songs on my site and using up my bandwidth. In my attempts to halt this action and prevent people from deliberately stealing the content from my site or using up my bandwidth by linking to files on my site directly on their own sites .. two things have come to my attention:

(1) That it is very hard to completely stop certain individuals determined to “use” others to their advantage


(2) My host server provider has pointed out to me that the inclusion of certain songs on this site potentially violates certain DMCA Copyright Infringement Notifications, which could create issues for me and possible suspension! (The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) sets forth the law regarding the use of copyrighted materials on the Internet)

Okay ! So, to solve both problems in the meantime I have removed all the .mp3’s linked to the individual posts up to this date until a better solution is presented and implemented.


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