WAR OF AGES “Collapse” Official Music video

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The official music video for War Of Ages “Collapse”. From the album “Eternal”, out now on Facedown Records. Directed by Drew Russ.

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  • HooK116 says:

    The camera work here Is excellent

  • PanamaJack741 says:

    @Shizzy77 Actually August Burns Red has a song based on Chrisitanity called Meridian look up the lyrics

  • Shizzy77 says:

    As I Lay Dying, the band members are christian, however they are not a christian metal band, huge difference (their words not mine.)
    If you look up the lyrics to Forsaken by AILD, its clearly inspired by their religious belief, but the band remains only inspired by their religious beliefs.

    Having a 1-2 songs inspired/based on something, doesn’t represent the entire band persona. Meridian isn’t a lyric they made up, but a verse from the Bible.

  • ryry1494 says:

    this reminds me of killswitch engage

  • ThizzUpThaNazal says:

    @Shizzy77 yes there is a differance between a christian band and a band with christian beliefs but ABR is most def a christian metalcore band, every one of there songs talk about god if u listen

  • Shizzy77 says:

    They are not a christian metalcore band, not that it should matter anyways as the music is awesome.
    Indonesia by August Burns Red is about the singers close friend who died in Indonesia as he helped rural villagers fly from their village to nearby hospital. His friend died in a plane crash, not about religion.

    Even in an interview, the lead guitarist, Brubaker, said something like Christianity is a religion, not music and would rather have the music speak for itself.

  • fireguardianTMNT says:

    OK PEOPLE! LEARN YOUR FUCKING MUSIC! As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, THIS BAND, and many more other bands like Demon Hunter IS CHRISTIAN. LISTEN to the FUCKING lyrics. I am a Christian myself and I know this.

  • KingProductionsRS says:

    @fireguardianTMNT DUDE you say your christian and supposting God and in the same comment your doing that your cursing!!! Come on man represent For Him.

  • KingProductionsRS says:

    @fireguardianTMNT DUDE you say your christian and supporting God and in the same comment your doing that your cursing!!! Come on man represent For Him.

  • strtg3y3r says:

    Ok just fuckin stop fight. Metalcore is something we all can enjoy and arguing is going to do nothing. Believe what you wanna believe and just stop arguing over something this pointless ok, that all I feel

    Other than that, good song. Love this band. And I’m a huge fan of metal in general (anything ranging from thrash to death, or speed to power, and mostdefinately death to metalcore)

  • strtg3y3r says:

    One last thing, look at the tags. I’m not trying to bag on anyone. Like I said I take my own side if I dont see any worth taking

    The tags do say Christian and well music always gets some level of respect and atleast it’s harder to understand the exact lyrics compared to regular christian music huh

  • fireguardianTMNT says:


    BIG DEAL DUDE, cursing isn’t worst than the things God did to people in all of those stories. And I’m sure EVERYONE has cursed before when they were mad in their lifetime. Christians must understand that this religion isn’t all about unicorns and barbie land. The stories in the Bible were fucking brutal!

  • fireguardianTMNT says:

    ONCE AGAIN PEOPLE, this is a fucking Christian band, learn your shit you retards. So are the other ones, As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red etc.

  • strtg3y3r says:

    Don’t forget Haste the Day, We Came As Romans, For Today, The Devil Wears Parada, and all them

  • strtg3y3r says:

    Again, to hell with arguing holy crap, I mean good music is good music so stop fuckin arguing

  • ThizzUpThaNazal says:

    @fireguardianTMNT sin exists in everything but if we ask for forgiveness we get it.

  • SMDB82 says:

    they’re like a christian killswitch engage. kick. ass.

  • 0192837465ish says:

    @fireguardianTMNT So saying that the things God needed to do in the bible excuses your un-needed curses? Wow that totally makes sense. The bible says something about curses where if you curse someone for doing wrong to you they will be cursed, but if you curse with false accusations the curse will turn on you. So don’t use them lightly because words have a strong impact. Anyway cursing just shows how immature you really are…so if you want, continue.

  • Raz0r65 says:

    @BlackHeartedMonkey you christians are told that thay and tought that way from very little age , thats why you all think all bad things are called from Satan. You just can think because christianity have brain-washed you…I am sorry for u…if you want to change , you can be an atheist so you dont beleive those crap , or be a Satanist to be on the other side and hate christianity for those things. and yeah , thats why I Hail Satan

  • Raz0r65 says:

    @penguinpunk611 thats a good answer , I just didnt like the way you called me so I flipped out a bit , well sorry^^ 😛

  • fireguardianTMNT says:

    @0192837465ish Still doesn’t matter, everyone has cursed in their life. And cursing was always intended for adults but thanks to our crappy media today kids at the age of 6 already knows the word “fuck” and already knows how to use it in a sentence.

  • 0192837465ish says:

    @fireguardianTMNT No, that would be thanks to people like you, you’re apart of that media. I like how you say it doesn’t matter but then you blame the media for teaching kids that cursing is ok…I’m not really sure what you are standing up for. At least backup 1 side well, because hypocrites are the worst.

  • 0192837465ish says:

    @Raz0r65 Wow…you actually made a good point, brain-washing is what happens to true christians their mental outlooks on the world is totally changed for the good. They can choose to do the right thing because they know what is right, unlike people like you. That need to be brain-washed to be white as snow. Btw hailing satan is basicly saying what christians believe in is true so you might want to change your arguement around a bit. One day satan will be kneeling before God so hail him then?

  • lazrpr says:

    i still cant believe the church that my parents go to.. actually convinced them that metal is satanic lol… the shit people will eat.. seriously

  • volcanicwalrus says:

    The war o ages is upon us genres will collide and there will be the biggest war we need to prevail run tell our brothers and sisters we will prevail as long as we fight side by Side

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