Underneath Your Love

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Music by George Shaw

Underneath Your Love


HUGE THANK YOU to our entire cast & crew!

Written, Directed & Produced by Michelle Phan

Co-Written & Produced by Richard Frias http://mighty-fresh.com

Produced by Danny Haile & James Lai

Cinematography by Nate Fu http://natefu.com/

Edited by Marc Schrobilgen http://thresholdsound.com

Original Music Score by George Shaw http://georgeshawmusic.com/Home.html

Original Songs:

“Underneath Your Love”
Performed by David Choi
Written by David Choi

“This Is Why”
Performed by Late Night Alumni
Written by Finn Bjarnson & Mark Philipps

“This I Promise You”
Performed by Rochelle Diamante & George Shaw
Written by Richard Marx

Rochelle’s channel http://youtube.com/rochellediamante

Special Thanks to my friends from the art department

Chriselle Lim for making the dress happen!

Daven Mayeda for being my hair fairy Godfather!

Michelle Feng for wardrobe and making the beautiful head piece

Deniese Davis for being so awesome and organizing all of this -http://www.pyroandklepto.com/contribute

Still Photographer – Melly Lee – http://www.mellylee.com/

More Special Thanks:

James Lai – The Cutting Chair http://thecuttingchair.com/

Jemie Sae Koo Events http://jemiesaekoo.com/

Ed Yawitz – FSC Lighting http://fsclighting.com/

Stacy Zhou and Joe Zhou – Majestic Spa

Marc Schrobilgen – Threshold Sound + Vision

The Bridge Recording Studio Glendale

Peter Barker – Interscope Studios

Albert Wu – Executive Director IYCA

Irvine Young Concert Artist http://irvineyoungconcertartists.org/

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  • heartsandotherthings says:

    Rofl Im laughing , idk why I’m laughing

  • YumiAwesomeCrayon says:

    Also forgot to mention the cinematography was really nice. Just that Michelle’s character was kind of annoying.

  • AnnaM157 says:

    I loved this, great video 😀

  • yunalizzy715 says:

    I love how the whole time she’s wearing her dress, she has to hold it up because it is too long. XD And when they’re dancing, they just stay in one spot, DUE to the dress. XD

  • JJDaPurpleMonkey says:

    I’m not ashamed to say that made me cry :’) that was beautiful 🙂

  • GabbyCancemi says:

    that guy is CUTE!!!!

  • iloveyouforever609 says:

    okay, so there’s a bad cut if you go to 2:46 you can kinda tell she has her hair as a bun and if you go to 2:51 she has her as a ponytail lol
    i dont there’s possible way for michelle to to do her hair in 2 seconds lol

  • missDanalearaven says:

    Your mum really pretty like you michelle <3

  • alekaxrequiem says:

    @alekaxrequiem ugh autocorrect! Our = is , Out = of and just “dreamy” I dont know how “danny” made it in there lol

  • dreamhippie says:

    @acastelltort21 You know, I’ve never met anybody as ignorant, disrespectful and mean as you. Don’t you have a heart? I really doubt your some perfect actor who can do everything perfectly. So do everyone a favor and shut up =.= Michelle is a beautiful talented girl who has probably done more than you have accomplished.Oh, and stop acting like YOU are perfect cause… You’re not. Michelle will never even look at your comment let alone listen to it. So stop posting this crap. I LOVE THIS VIDEO.

  • TylerTremallose says:

    could you make one that has to do with gay guys 😮
    i mean i like your short movies but i would love one that has to do with gay guys

  • InL0oveWithMusic says:

    That was soooo cute! And the guy is cute as well 😀

  • angiebbyx3 says:

    cinderella anyone? lol i LOVED this michelle seriously 🙂 sooo cuuute!

  • LaLaLaLaLifeFabyu says:

    …i know no one is going to see this but if u click /watch?v=SMnSKDaKBxA u can hear me singing a VOCALOID song and see a pic of me dressed as a cat O_O i’m not looking for subscribers i just want u to tell me your opinion of my singing so i can improve…..sorry if i bother and God bless u

  • LaLaLaLaLifeFabyu says:

    …i know no one is going to see this but if u click /watch?v=SMnSKDaKBxA u can hear me singing a VOCALOID song and see a pic of me dresses as a cat O_O i’m not looking for subscribers i just want u to tell me your opinion of my singing so i can improve…..sorry if i bother and God bless u

  • iloveyouforever609 says:

    and at 3:41 and 3:58 bad cut cuz of michelle’s hair lol
    you guys get me? lol

  • zahrine1991 says:

    Oh My Gosh Michelle! You made me cry! This is so amazing!!! Make more, make more :) x

  • RockGlamGirlz says:

    you should make a movie on a girl that just started middle school and is having diffulculties but because of the love and support of others and (someone special)…. she ends up becoming known and faces her diffulculties and succeeds

  • SumLuzar says:

    Though it was similar to one of the most well known fairytales.. I thought you did a great job and I like that you are doing more than just makeup. Good job.

  • AdventuresOfOlive says:


  • gothiquepure says:

    WOW it’s a beautiful love story.

  • blushedrockets5 says:

    no one’s that eager to get to a taxi.

  • blesseditbe says:

    very nice video very nice message keep up the good work kisses 😉

  • AdventuresOfOlive says:


  • beautifullife20 says:

    How did he know that was her? lol…

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