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A live performance on ABC TVs ‘Sideshow’ of Tim Minchin’s ‘Not Perfect’. Links: www.timminchin.com www.abc.net.au Lyrics: This is my Earth And I live in it It’s one third dirt And two thirds water And it rotates and revolves through space At rather an impressive pace And never even messes up my hair And here’s the really weird thing The force created by its spin Is the force that stops the chaos flooding in This is my Earth And it’s fine It’s where I spend the vast majority of my time It’s not perfect But it’s mine It’s not perfect This is my country And I live in it It’s pretty big And nice to walk on And the bloke who runs my country Has built a demagoguery And tought us to be fearful and boring And the wierdest thing is that he is Conservative of politics But really rather radical of eyebrows This is my country And it’s fine It’s where I spend the vast majority of my time It’s not perfect But it’s mine It’s not perfect This is my house And I live in it It’s made of cracks And photographs We rent it off a guy who bought it from a guy Who bought it from a guy Whose grandad left it to him And the weirdest thing is that this house Has locks to keep the baddies out But they’re mostly used to lock ourselves in This is my house And it’s fine It’s where I spend the vast majority of my time It’s not perfect But it’s mine It’s not perfect But it’s mine This is my body And I live in it It’s 31 And 6 months old It’s changed a lot since it was new It’s done stuff it wasn’t built to

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  • paragonride says:

    fuckin terrible absolutely terrible

  • paragonride says:

    fuckin terrible absolutely terrible i poop out poop better that this

  • musicman8459 says:

    @paragonride Well i looked at your videos paragonride. and well they suck. tim minchin is plain awesome. He’s smart,he’s talented, and he knows how to combine them. You laugh into a microphone and talk. You call it rap. I call tim’s video’s genius and most people on youtube will agree. Screw you and your trashy comments

  • KhaosWolfKat says:

    I just keep on coming back to this one. I can’t get it out of my mind….. and I don’t really want to. Tim is brilliant in every way that I can see anyway, but this is just beyond bloody awesome!!
    If his brain is made up of bad song lyrics, I’d like to know where he keeps all the ones he uses! His pure comedy is gold, but this… This is … well.. Perfect.

  • rvsole says:

    great song

  • Nolansykinsley says:

    OMG this is amazing!!! I watched this video because the one TimMinchinLive posted was covered up by the poster’s desperate and annoying attempt to get subscribers

  • themaypole says:

    Lol at the end, TIM MINCHIN, so harsh sounding, Love the song

  • pamax008 says:

    thank you james

  • RawrImBi says:

    so many emotions rolled into one. truly inspirational.

  • Lotty85 says:

    I never used to like Tim Minchin, but I’m really starting to appreciate his style – the intelligence behind the songs I used to dismiss as pointless. Great song 🙂

  • SugarcoatedChainsaw says:

    I adore this song! He’s amazing on the piano.

  • halfdeademo says:

    @paragonride i dont think you can do any better can you? no! Tim is inspirational and you just make people laugh with your trollin’ get out more and grow up kthxbii 🙂

  • RaymondCorrigan says:

    This song is always just what I need after a difficult day.

  • sleepysnoopyseema says:

    I lovee his look! He looks so coooll, ahha. :] great voice.

  • ChemistTV says:

    This song is brilliant, his lyrics are one of the best i’ve come across, his chord sequences are very good as well excellent
    From London England

  • cambell1308 says:

    Oh Tim you are oh so awesome and so deep

  • rickstarz says:

    I’m physically disabled, and this song really touches me in the right places. Everyone should listen to this and accept what they are – partically ceebs such as Jordon/Katie Price… she can add as much plastic as she wants to her face, grow even bigger tits, but she’ll never see perfection, at least not from her eyes.

    Oh, and Tim rules! Damn him, I wish I was the one who wrote this song :D.

  • dmbg4evr says:

    5 people cant accept being not perfect

  • jayantasodekar says:


  • philmetal says:

    I really relate to the brain and body verses. Self loathing for the win :/

  • Akco007 says:

    I think its a song we all wish we wrote because all releate so badly.

  • 1NoctisCealum says:

    F***ing love it tim is EPIC

  • Lysicaresmi says:

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  • Nolansykinsley says:

    I watch this video at least 3 times a day because I believe it deserves many more views than 85,000!

  • magdolin1 says:

    @philmetal I think your missing the message, People need to stop acting like little stupid show ponys and learn to be happy with what you have, perfection is just a word, like all words it was created. In our lives we arnt promised anything besides death and life is too short to spend even a small % of time trying to be better than someone else, learn to accept and love yourself and than find your passion, your drive. live YOUR life happily.

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