The Fray – You Found Me

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Music video by The Fray performing You Found Me. (C) 2008 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

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  • rascrichard says:

    149 people found satan

  • jmanwani7 says: 1:14 when they show the girl for first time.. there are no injuries or bruises and surprisingly.. at 1:22-23 …there is a big bruise over her left eye.. blood from right side of nose and hair all messed up?

    you found me?

  • sailorjupiterisme123 says:

    i love this song 🙂 its sooo good its my fave! 🙂

  • leighaclarke9 says:

    149 people found the devil :\

  • sailorjupiterisme123 says:


    no it just shows a little bruise above her eyebrow an her hair is messed because the picked her up 🙂 JUST SAYIN! 🙂

  • 35whited says:

    @Milchi7 everything is good if you believe in him cause he makes you happy all your worries go away!! He is the reason u r here in the first place!! Cause he can do anything make everything in your life fine and if he doesn;t the time you want him to that basically means something way bigger is coming for you that you will adore!! Don;t hate on him!Or say anything about him you use stupid science to answer things that are impossible to answer likr wheither God is real or not! Well he is!!

  • almightyful1 says:

    Dear Vevo, Let me start by sayin get your corporate asses off youtube! Ever since these big companies started paying off youtube so they could post their friggin videos we can’t post ours. We are flagged for infringement evry time we include a song we like in our videos.

    This is YOUtube, the place where we can post OUR videos. If we wanted to listen to music from you wed go to your damn website.

    To people who want greedy corporates gone thumbs up and copy and paste this on Vevo shit

  • Angelface1251 says:

    @inuyashalover240 =(

  • JesusLivesToday says:

    @Milchi7 What you are saying doesn’t make sense, no offense. You can’t take all religions as a part of truth when many of the teachings contradict each other. I’m sure it sounds very non-offensive and maybe nice on paper to some people but it just doesn’t make any sense. And for people who say to believe in Jesus, since He is the way, you can’t jsut say we are shutting ourselves to one possibility. Jesus is not one possibility or one way. He is the way.

  • JesusLivesToday says:

    @Milchi7 Also, we who believe in Christ as Savior shouldn’t say that everything will be happy and fine if you believe because we are not promised a trouble free time. Jesus suffered and we will go through things as Christians too.

  • JesusLivesToday says:

    @inuyashalover240 I’m so sorry.

  • SoPoMusic1 says:

    the dislike bar is like justin bieber dick it only get bigger when faggots touch it.

  • sailorjupiterisme123 says:


    that is soo sad! :'( i am soo sorry that must have been really hard :'(

  • walawalawingding says:

    @35whited , the thing is, and i do not agree or disagree, if you can’t prove he exist, then how do you know he exists? Science is proven. H2O is water. that is a fact. science is made up of facts, therefore the truth. if it is impossible to answer, as you are suggesting, then how in fact is he real? when science has facts. proven facts. to back up its claims? Again, I do not agree or disagree, just throwing in insight. -C

  • Milchi7 says:

    @35whited I see your point, you take your happiness out of the idea of God himself. As for me, i found that you can solve problems in life the best, if you sometimes doubt facts of life. I ask myself many times whether facts of science really make sense at all. My stupid science, as you call it, doesn’t say there is no god. Because science only takes things for real if it can proof them. And that’s the real difference i so much like about.Science is looking for the truth. Religion makes one up..

  • ihateu21116782 says:

    Atheists believe . . . the earth just happened.
    Christians know . . . a wizard did it.

  • gloc9360 says:

    @inuyashalover240 MAY may God help you this Christmas and God bless you

  • shaggyjam420 says:

    miracles happen to everyone, everyday of every min and sec, i watch miracles happen to everyone arond me, and have to ask myself when is it my time for you to find me could use a miracle

  • espn1337 says:

    @ihateu21116782 epic

  • Supertopmodell says:

    @nativewolf90 I use Keep Vid to download these types of videos. Go to “” and type in the shared link of this video and there you go!

  • EllaBella711 says:

    @inuyashalover240 im so sorry 🙁

  • sweatlazzz says:

    @inuyashalover240 poor you 🙁

  • sweatlazzz says:

    @inuyashalover240 im sorry…

  • Ddkasn says:

    @inuyashalover240 man thats harsh, stay off of it and focus on christmas spirit god bless u

  • LilyxMassacre says:

    Ha, If My life was a musical when the person who abandoned me came back, I would so break out into this song.(:
    And Sorry about your dad. |:

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