The Dewarists S02E05 – ‘The Gypsy’ – Music Video

The Dewarists S02E05 - 'The Gypsy' - Music Video(video) \ ‘The Gypsy’ is an ode to wanderlust, featuring Anoushka Shankar on sitar, Sanjeev Shankar on shehnai, and Pirashanna Thevarajah on percussion. Much like the city the episode was filmed in, New Delhi, the track is unapologetically modern, and yet steeped in tradition. The Dewarists – A Dewar’s Initiative

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  • axyelp says:

    I wouldn’t know much about music but these ‘tunes’ just couldn’t register as any form of music to my ears! Anoushka’s solo work in contrast is far more superior!

  • thefrequentflyer07 says:

    I just downloaded a bunch of Anoushka’s music because of this. Perfect.

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