The Avalanches – Since I Left You – Official (HQ)

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Official HQ Video of The Avalanches “Since I Left You”. Produced by Robbie Chater from the album Since I Left You. Dir: Blue Source (2001) Winner MTV Europe Best Video Award 2001 Voted # 4 Pitchfork Media’s Top 50 Music Videos of the 2000s. The Album ‘Since I Left You’ voted # 10 in Pitchforks Top 200 Albums of the 2000’s. ” Like the record itself, the Avs video for “Since I Left You” is about transforming the disparate and the out-of-place into something new and joyful, and it does that with the right blend of heart and surrealism ” (pitchfork) http

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  • frugward86 says:

    @CH3CH2OH4U I dont think there particularly popular anywhere, its a shame though I think there ace.

  • ryanzeelee says:

    Great song – Great dancers-I could dance all night with the blond girl…..
    Mama Mia what beauty!!!!

  • ryanzeelee says:

    Great song – Great dancers-I could dance all night with the blond girl…..
    Mama Mia, what beauty!!!!

  • daulnis says:

    2:14 aaawh.. someone should dance with him

  • Dubulous111 says:

    in the winter of ’02 – ’03, I lived with the funniest, craziest people I’ve ever met, from entirely different walks of life. and we took a lot of psychadelics, had the most intense, spectacular times beyond the comprehension of most humans, and played this song every damn time. I never regretted a moment of it. to me, this video represents the unforeseen rewards that come to those who step up and try things that scare the shit out of most people, whatever they may be. true indeed.

  • stevokwhl says:

    totally poignant what with the recent events in world mining… also, rad music and a cool video!

  • ItsMariooo says:

    I just started watching this yesterday and it is such a damn great & catchy song. Thumbs up if you agree.

  • MrDave9286 says:

    @Darkozl its 355 now 🙂

  • Darkozl says:

    @MrDave9286 Wow. Thought for sure by now there would be 1 dislike. Just goes to show how insanely well this song and video communicates its message to their audience.

  • MrDave9286 says:

    They just have it. The musical sense and know how. Beautiful song and great band. My friend showed me frontier psychiatrist and I never really looked into them and then several years later I stumbled upon this song, electricity….basically anything off of ski-surfing. Amazing.

  • 032125 says:

    Where in the world do you find a guy that looks like a big fat coal miner but dances like he had canned heat in his heel? That guy rocks.

  • loishoward56 says:

    great vid good meaning to it he wasn’t ready to go yet but his mate was im i the only one that plays this over and over again such a fuckin beautifull song !!!!!!!!!!

  • MontaguPlaceHotel says:

    Guys, when you go home tonight have a drink and have a good time but please do me a favour first, take your girlfriends’ or wives’s hands and together start spinning around looking at each other intensively (like it happens at min 2’49 in this song). It’s like it’s just you and her in the world 🙂

    Aryskarlet (From work, Montagu Place Hotel, London)

  • MegaFunkyskunk says:

    The end is what gets me, think the dance class is ‘Heaven’. Is such a moving video & wonderful song even with so few lyrics.

  • essieness says:

    Oh wow, the end got me.

  • boboly33 says:

    418 persons found the world so new! 😉

  • TheGriefApple says:

    i love this song

  • abachonk says:

    0 dislikes!!! That’s what Im talking about people!!!

  • TheClassicartwork says:


  • AgentofEvil says:

    Oh shit, I was NOT expecting that ending. I teared up a little bit.

  • sforsayn says:

    epic video,epic song

  • Chocobopsu says:

    I am so infatuated with this song I watch it every day. The dancing suits the tune so well I just can’t take my eyes away from my monitor. I love this so much!!!!! And yes, it is a very sad ending. So happy during the song, then the end comes and it’s :'(

  • CosmosAmantes says:

    I can’t stop watching this! so good!

  • GraphiteSmear says:

    I love how the line echos “welcome to paradise” right when they lift the trap door

  • esco82bar says:

    i search 10 years for this track,,,today i find it,,,love it ,,,gretzzz from germany,,,fattest tune

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