Style Stage: A New Documentary About Hair, Style, and Music (Full Movie)

Style Stage: A New Documentary About Hair, Style, and Music (Full Movie)(video) \ In our ongoing quest to bring you every single side of the entire world of music, we’re proud to announce Style Stage, Noisey’s new style section, in partner…

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  • wojtek1121100 says:

    “We think about style like visual language” is a pretty cool and accurate way to think about it, I like that.

  • Jason Hide says:

    The 90s had to be the decade that musicians had the greatest influence on style. Guys were all bleaching their tips like NSync, girls were doing whatever hairstyle Britney had (even the Oops I did it again pigtails!). Such a good point made in this video.

  • Suleka Birani says:

    So true that if you’re having a good hair day, you can walk in a room and feel like you own it. Good and bad hair days totally affect your whole mindset.

  • rohima islam says:

    It’s true that people try to emulate musicians, just look at all the guys who have Bieber or One Direction hair even if they don’t like their music!

  • hilarysharpova258 says:

    It’s cool that that one woman used her style to keep her from being afraid of performing – get everyone to focus on how you look and they won’t really worry about how you perform. I wonder how many other musicians do that. I’m definitely thinking Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj!

  • Hakim Molla says:

    Dude mad props to the magazine that ran Kurt’s “corporate magazines still suck” picture as is, that really is awesome and surprising. I wish today’s magazines weren’t so touchup and photoshop-happy.

  • maxpaynekst says:

    David Bowie was Lady Gaga before Lady Gaga was lol. Too bizarre, I can’t believe people genuinely tried copying his style.

  • aadddea says:

    AH Rye Rye is so freaking cute. I wish I could pull of hair or style like hers.

  • jeamycloud89 says:

    I don’t know what everyone’s thinking, liking that white hair stripe… I think it makes her look like a skunk. NOT a good look IMO.

  • David Mccullagh says:

    Hahaha the fringe, the outfit they showed right after that, his hair and makeup… David Bowie was CRAZY! I wish I was around when he was, I’m so curious if I’d like him and his music or if he’d be too intense for me.

  • MrWojtek1121100 says:

    “He was in a dress, she was in pants”. Gotta love the Bowie family. Can you even imagine seeing that walking around your neighborhood back then?! They had to have dropped every jaw haha

  • mine3643 says:

    Yes, Eve, you ARE hair challenged! Your old hairstyle is SO MUCH BETTER than your new one!

  • Tomalika Sen says:

    Ten years from now, someone is definitely gonna make a video like this about how Miley, Harry Styles, and Justin Bieber changed this generations’ style – I think they have the biggest influence on the hairstyles of kids in school these days.

  • michelbiven214 says:

    “Oh I need a weave in, I’m tired of dealing with this crap”, hahaha I LOVE Rye Rye.

  • Malik Clark says:

    whats the name of the song at 22:56

  • Rahima Bilkis says:

    Can’t say that I’ve been inspired to change my hair according to any of these musicians, but yeah I can admit that I do look to some of my favorite popstars for help when getting my hair cut and seeing what hair trends are currently in!

  • Jeany Hika says:

    Really cool video, Noisey, no one’s really done any sort of feature on the style and hair of our fave musicians, it was interesting to see how they can change society and trends.

  • m3t4lnodie says:

    awsome soundtrack

  • Malika Sharpova says:

    I don’t have enough money to get most of my favorite musicians’ hairstyles! I’d totally copy Taylor Swift’s or MAYBE Miley’s short new ‘do (but my parents would kill me!) if I did.

  • roksonization says:

    “This is the face the public wants” – um, no I most certainly don’t know anyone who wants David Bowie’s face.

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