Strong Arm Steady “Make Me Feel” (Official Music Video)

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Official video for “Make Me Feel” featuring Jelly Roll, the 1st release from Strong Arm Steady’s new album Arms & Hammers (coming 2/1/2011). Video features Somaya Reece, Jelly Roll & Planet Asia. Directed by Punit Dhesi For more on Strong Arm Steady visit: Copyright © 2010 Blacksmith Records

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  • iamheretowatchh says:


  • toirteDnIedaM says:

    s1 know the lyrics??

  • csiknis says:

    i see @csiksabeast in the background…..hilarious! get your cameo up! yall should follow . he records engineers and mixes for the STEADY!!!!

  • bigsexijoe says:

    3/5.. very forgettable song

  • craigspissed says:

    @bigsexijoe You’re a very forgettable commenter.

  • stokelycarm says:

    why is that white dude sayin nigga (0:25) !!

  • craigspissed says:

    @stokelycarm u fuckin serious?

  • stokelycarm says:

    @craigspissed weak arm steady is the lamest group ever…n fuck that whiteboy!

  • cgreen89 says:

    mitchy goes hard

  • LIKWITCREW1 says:

    Naw this doesnt need to be the single,,, they need to drop TRUNK MUSIC as the lead single, this is a good song just not catchy enough for a single, i realy think with the right push TRUNK MUSIC could be a big hit, everyone i know i let listen to it is hooked to it, this should just be a album cut thats all, this wont get enough buzz as a single, they need something hype more up tempo or aggresive, this is going to be the lead single, bad move,,not bad at all but its not the one

  • toirteDnIedaM says:


  • watershou says:

    aUthEntic AbSOluTELLY gEniuS +++++++111111111

  • watershou says:


  • watershou says:

    Jelly Roll play hard !!!

  • ronnizamov96 says:

    talib sent me here)) beat is really dope, real westcoast

  • doubledangerous says:

    SAS is killin’ it in 2010. “In Search Of Stoney Jackson” is one of this year’s best albums, hands down. This single is fire! And I’m willing to bet money that “Arms & Hammers” is gonna be the first must-have hip-hop album of 2011.

  • blknexxus says:

    why is there nothing uplifting and inspirational shown here–only the glorification of violence, sexual objectification of females and hood rats going after each others crumbs–it’s like these people aren’t human not even acting like animals–cause animals are connected with nature and kill for survival–I thought humans had evolved to a more heightened and enlightened state. . . .sure you’re making money but where is your humanity–what are you contributing to the evolution of mankind?

  • sofakingwat2 says:


  • NastyNasRules says:

    why the fuck does talibkweli listen to these guys?

  • Sami3Abdou says:

    I like SAS but this video is hella dumb……like HELLA dumb.

  • Shience says:

    @doubledangerous yea ISOSJ was slept on..mad lib got beats

  • 2773logan says:

    @blknexxus stop hatin this is some gangsta shit if u dont like it than just listen to ur pussy ass R&B music if this is too much for u besides u act like this is a true story or sumtin its just a fukin song u swaer like theres gonna be more violence just cuz of this video so get off his nuts

  • 216CERTIFIED says:


  • LIKWITCREW1 says:

    Man realy TRUNK MUSIC needs to be the single with the right push TRUNK MUSIC could be a big hit, this song should just be an album cut , this is not single material its a good song but not something someone who doesnt know this group will make a new person go buy this,, TRUNK MUSIC needs to be the one, i play trunk music with my homies out here in TX and everyone that listens to the song TRUNK MUSIC be like damn who the fuck is that,, trunk msuic that needs to be the lead single i just know it

  • MrProbz213 says:

    she’s so damn hot!!

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