Stargate Universe opening Scene

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This is the new Stargate series called Stargate Universe (SGU) opening scene with amazing music performance and the new acient ship, and the new stargate!

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  • Soap1O says:

    @CIarKent stargate sg-1 200th episode general hammond

  • Soap1O says:

    @SciFiMoviePro What do you think which one is the best Series? I definitely say for my part it’s Stargate Sg-1 the original with the best Starring ever. Best designed Missions. Way how the Movies were made.

  • Soap1O says:

    @GCm4n In Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis it was all about defeating. And I liked it, I liked Stargate SG-1 better than all the others, best actors best stories. It became a little Crappy when jack o’neill disappeared.
    The original thing how it was done in stargate SG-1 is for me the only real stargate series. I mean it was all about the Stargate, and since I’m a military fan SG-1 is for me a way better.

    Why had SG-1 such a success though it’s all about guns? And you say Universe wouldn’t?

  • SciFiMoviePro says:

    @Soap1O Of course the best is Sg1
    Atlantis 2nd best
    Universe is **** ;-(

  • hgfhden says:

    Stargate Atlantis is my favorite, SG-1, second favorite, Universe, third favorite

  • TerranRedsky says:

    Loved this intro saw it when it was aired and i got chills :P. i love SGU so much more charecter and heart overall into the charecters (SG-1 may have had a few better but everyone in SGU has such a great charecter) and this ship itself for ocne its not some superadvanced hyperalien tech its littlerly a rustbucket as rush puts it, hell a 304 could probibaly kick its ass 3 beam wepons tied behind its back XD. still though, such an amazing design much prefer this to the aurora class.

  • rigbyrocks says:

    This scene rivals the air battle over the Antarctic in SG-1.

  • KarelYalek says:

    Am I only one who see SU very smilar to Battlestar Galactica

  • movieking88 says:

    Being a Huge sci fi fan (Trek, BSG, SG1…ect) I watched this show with an open mind and a want for something fresh. Upon the close of the first season I was impresed…and I wonder in this day and age if a show like this will survive past the first 2 seasons. I like it. As of season 1 it has some flaws….but its only the first season. I never judge untill the 3rd. thing I love about the show is the score. I has a very nice…..out there sence to it. Heres looking toward season 2!

  • HerbieZ says:

    @KarelYalek Yes. For me this is beyond galactica. Universe is something special. Yes they have a common goal, Earth but the similarities end there with the crew alone. They don’t know jack about the ship they are on hell they are not even in control of it and they are so dispirited it is tearing them apart. They are so human. Not “Twelve colonies” humans, i mean earth humans. Because anyone who has stuck with the show knows that even at they’re best, the humanity is going to tear them apart.

  • toonsgy5314 says:

    Pour les Français : Quelqu’un connait le nom de cette chanson ??
    For English: Anyone know the title of the song ??

    Merci d’avance !! Thanks !!

  • erentheca says:

    I really like this show, and still like it. It’s remarkable how this show has polarized viewers between love and hate. People forget that BSG did the same thing. It was so cutting edge, a lot of sci-fi fans absolutely despised it. SGU is the same way, it’s part of the new way sci-fi is changing, how sci-fi is growing up, and people will have to get used to that.

  • HemisphereMachinima says:

    love this song so much .

  • MuzzleBlast357 says:

    It’s like that crappy survival show on an island, only set on a spaceship. I know, why not add some young and edgy vampires and werewolves! And then you can put the stargate in a telephone booth that floats around the galaxy. Richard Dean Anderson’s starting to look just like DeForrest Kelly before he died and Amanda Tapping’s going to be a grandmother before they stop making crap like this.

  • n0slet says:

    Well I gotta admit. I’m a huge SG1/SGA fan, and I love the action of the 2 shows that came before, but this show is definitely something different, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. To me it reminds me more of the earlier seasons of SG1, when it was a more character driven show. Less about oh crap we’re in trouble lets beam out and more about we’re on our own lets figure something out. The cast is just great if you ask me,

  • n0slet says:

    Gotta admit as a SG1/SGA fan I didn’t expect much from this but it’s been great so far. It’s more like SG1’s earlier seasons, where it’s more character driven and I can’t say it’s a bad thing. Overall I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this season although I would like to see a bit more action. Hopefully they’ll raise the stakes for season 2.

  • kladas6 says:

    yeah its too similar

  • Deloix says:

    I like on Stargete series, that they are from earth and they are from our time. This is reason why i don’t like Startrek, Starwars, BSG, Firefly and others…

  • cenkalova says:

    StarGate Forever

  • MuffinJinReturns says:

    Stargate Universe is great from a proffessional view, but on my perosnal view… not so. I miss what made SG-1 and Atlantis so special: The alien bad guys and the humor! And I don’t like what they replaced it with: Dawsons Creek teenage mumbo-jumbo.

    Don’t get me wrong, the series is well made, but I don’t care for any of the characters than Rush. He is the only thing that keeps me enjoying the show. Eli made the series to for a while, but lately he has become boring.

  • smatteringofapplause says:

    @MuzzleBlast357 “That crappy survival show on an island”

  • vizardvolroc says:

    i like Universe, but the first season was too heavily on the “drama” of sex.
    which is just no, it fails miserably, we have enough soap operas on during the day, universe needs to really start getting a more brilliant storyline, ive watched the whole first season, and the storyline,as minute as it maybe, has great potential& im hoping the 2nd season does the SG franchise justice, or this scifi soap opera wont last long, IMO.

  • selearemus says:

    robert carlyle as doctor rush ftw hes the reason im watching 😀

  • selearemus says:

    @MuzzleBlast357 brain damage?

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