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  • andizzle96 says:

    This didn’t really happen…….Stan’s name is composed of two words……..Stalker+fan=Stan………..Ghosts don exist so it is a camera trick………..Eminem is the best ever……..And 210ROCKSTA…….this isn’t gay you are…….don’t stop Marshall i love your music

  • ThePlanBS says:

    good story and song

  • pitoface11 says:

    this song is so sad it made ma cry

  • CaitiiRose says:

    @parkourmasters33 I do agree with you that those people need to grow up a bit, but she isn’t taking a test. She is using the loo, but only because she’s so heavily pregnant. So.. Yeah..
    Love this song, even though its so sad x

  • SirHacker13 says:

    that guys crazy but great song 3minem the best

  • demondog45 says:

    @210ROCKSTA Why? Its just eminem telling people not to get so worked up about their role models that when they dont write back not to get worked up about it… whats so gay about that? It actually means something. Now go back to listening to Justin Beiber getting buttraped, AKA “Baby”.

  • Popular1998Girl says:

    This is sad some fans are crazy about there idols if they don’t answer back they’ll kill there selves.When I sent Michael Jackson a letter I didn’t expect to get one from him i mean he has bout millions and billions of letter coming to him day. So crazy fans out there don’t do anything crazy if your idols don’t answer back hey who knows they might get your letter and if you do something stupid like kill yourlself they might get it when your dead like in the video. Becareful Justin Bieber fans!

  • fretshredder55 says:

    if stan was real,i’d understand him IN A WAY. not that i’m obsessed as much as him about my idols but people come from fucked up childhoods and it scars them for life. i wouldnt kill myself if someone didnt answer me im not THAT psychotic. killing myself would be over an issue with myself. music has saved my life a few times. eminem helps me get through some hard times. and BVB and MCR and Aiden (I don’t listen to much rap at all but eminem the exception. I love his music) anyway. love this song

  • SpoofGoofs123 says:

    @KJC0913 it sucks cuz theres 9 dislikes now

  • YourBlackFriend1 says:

    i love how British Dido is

  • Greaser616 says:

    its sad how crazy some fans get.
    I luv eminem, but im not gunna kill myself if i write him a letter and he doesnt respond

  • crackuhbottle says:

    @parkourmasters33 they already know shes pregnant dumb fuck shes taking a leak

  • mariagirl789 says:


  • wsharpxna says:

    @Greaser616 this isn’t a true story anyway, so… xD

  • Greaser616 says:

    @wsharpxna i know but there are some people like that
    have you seen the 3 year old girl crying over JB?
    ok…maybe thats not the best example… but

  • coolsly101 says:

    @parkourmasters33 no she says she has to go

  • lightnight123fyi says:

    stan makes me really scared! but i could feel how he felt in one of his letters. fyi(im a fan of eminem but not how stan is ! 😛

  • yamamgotssquaids says:

    @parkourmasters33 chill its a music video jus chill

  • wsharpxna says:

    @Greaser616 yeah you got a good argument right there 😛
    Well, I love eminems music, but i’ll never do that shit like drowning myself and cutting myself…

  • erikgold68 says:

    @parkourmasters33 i thinks its obvious shes pregnant and she says she has to go, but no shes not taking a shit, girls have to sit to piss LOL

  • ketchup875 says:

    wow you act like its real i mean its just to make a piont.

  • SuperIdget says:

    10 people are like stan

  • xxbetaneaxx says:

    this is an awesome son ! 😀 <3

  • NerdleyMaximum says:

    Stop making Dido scream! It’s really sad, but I love this song.

  • datkid58 says:

    the 10 dislikes need to go do 90 on a freeway drinkin vodka and its funny how he’s writing a letter to a dead man then he’s like damn at the end lol

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