Sponge Cola — Makapiling Ka (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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Sponge Cola — Makapiling Ka (official music video) Directed by YOU Assistant Director: YOU DOP: YOU Produced by YOU Styling provided by YOU Additional footage supplied by YOU Cast: Yourself Your friends Your family With the special participation of YOU

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  • jeremyunderground41 says:

    to be honest as time goes by, lalong KUMO-CORNY and OPM music tsk tsk tsk dinadaan lahat sa papogi sa totoo lang, makinig naman kayo ng Billy Talent, Blink 182, Sum 41, Greenday, yan ang mga astig na music

  • achacosoronald1 says:

    ang astig pare Wolfgang

  • 5thraikage says:

    @jeremyunderground41 tanga mo potah!! OPM b yang mga gus2 mo tnga ka pag tanda mo makikinig ka din sa mga cnsabi mo n corny!!

  • jeremyunderground41 says:

    @5thraikage well you re stupider!!! I didn’t say anything about the bands that I mentioned being OPM bands, do you have a comprehension problem honey? huh? my point is OPM music sounds corny compared to the foreign ones, I’m just being honest, try listening to them by yourself and you will know the difference. Hell no, I will never ever listen to corny OPM music, do you get me?

  • tracy0617able says:

    tang ina mo jeremy fuck u!!!!!

  • hikari1723 says:

    ang ganda ng song…

  • kathrinaroldan says:

    nice song to listen at whenever i wanted to be happy 🙂
    it soothes my damped spirits.
    well done. <3

  • Jeyuiscool says:

    @jeremyunderground41 Pwedeng sumuporta sa foreign na kanta. Pero wag na wag mong itigil ang pagsuporta sa OPM, dahil pinoy ka din diba? E di ikaw din matatamaan.

  • YvesVinci says:

    @jeremyunderground41 bobo mo pre …
    bket kapa pumupunta sa page nito …
    at kung pilipno ka man di ka karapatrap maging pinoy !
    mas magnda mga BANDA sa pinas para sakin ..
    kaya TANG INA MO !

  • BrYlleSkiE15 says:

    @jeremyunderground41 wag ka nlng manood ng mga pinoy bands kung mas gus2 mo ang mga foreign bands dpat nde k nlng naging pinoy

  • sixonezero says:

    sum 41? blink? greenday? you’re an idiot Jeremy. what are you? 11 years old? if you’re going to argue about good talented bands… you might want to dial it up a bit and not even mention sum41. moron. maybe if you had said Nirvana…. Radiohead… Red Hot Chili Peppers…. you know bands like that.. you might have a point. now… STFU and go upstairs to mommy’s room and breastfeed. HOMO.

  • jeremyunderground41 says:

    @sixonezero no you’re a moron!!!! I’m talking about punk rock bands you dumbass, well nirvana and rhcp are good bands ,can’t you even appreciate other genres??? god obf

  • jeremyunderground41 says:

    @YvesVinci do you even know what bobo means? ok that’s your opinion if you like opm bands but in my opinion, they are NOTHING NEW!!! most of the bands here sounds the same, just like the same old shit!!! god obf!!!

  • jeremyunderground41 says:

    @Jeyuiscool thanks man at least you are the most sensible person here, ok When I was younger I love the band eraserheads, then typecast and hilera, but i despise the popular bands nowdays coz they all sound the same

  • sixonezero says:

    @jeremyunderground41 why would you even talk about punk bands in relation to this band in the first place, idiot? so now you basically reiterated that you are an idiot. a musical idiot as a matter of fact. i can appreciate genres. can’t you? this isn’t even a punk band stupid fucking moron. how old are you? i’m sure you’re a prepubescent child needing attention. dumb fuck talking about great punk bands and you don’t even mention the Ramones. piece of shit.

  • johnnhoj1008 says:

    astig tlga…

  • JapZEKieLXX07 says:

    @jeremyunderground41 …..lol..khiya ka man…T.A.N.G.A…..ya kow wat that mean

  • jAmpaul100 says:

    nakakaiyak to

  • TheLovelybhie says:

    cute… =P

  • ruskiiin1975 says:

    @jeremyunderground41 fuck you..dont preach here.we know what to listen..we dont have to know it from you.idiot -.-.l.

  • jasfer291 says:

    B.O.B.O know what that means.. do you really know what you’re talking about? you know mr jeremy your an idiot… if you don’t appreciate the pop bands right now then you exactly have no idea what real music is.

    P.S : are you out of this world?

  • jasfer291 says:

    if you don’t like OPM then get the hell out of the philippines before i throw you to north pole… fuck you! idiot!!!!!! jeremy!!!! you psycho!

  • ladieshunk217 says:

    when the radio plays it ,the song sounds like shit… I expected shit in the video. it sounds good.

  • CaptiveEagle369 says:

    Cool music, my son love this one, its our themesong right now for being far from each other

  • jere28miah says:

    @kingcabtab fuck off! para namang napakagaganda ng kanta nio… palibhasa may ilan kayong kanta na naligaw sa tv ( na hanggang ngayon, wala akong idea kung bakit ganon) akala nio na you’re dominant when it comes to music… hindi ko lang matandaan ung isa niong kanta na SAGARAN ng CORNY.. ung tungkol sa ka eyeball na bakla.. anung tawag mo don? matino?

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