SOMEDAY – Dinorah Zamora ( Original song with lyrics)

SOMEDAY - Dinorah Zamora ( Original song with lyrics)(video) \ Lyrics & Music by Dinorah Zamora Produced by Audio Witch Productions Co- Producer: Alejandro Zamora Musical Arrangements: Alvin Gelacio Miranda, Dennis R. Briones, Alejandro Zamora. SOME DAY (Lyrics): Everything seems so perfect, I’m afraid to be awakened. Today everything is so clear and bright outside, I’ll take a picture in my mind to hold it cause it ain’t the same inside Now I sing what I feel, but tomorrow I don’t know if you should go around. I’ll take a step by step every day taking no regrets of anything at all… Don’t think of me today, think of me tomorrow, think of me someday, someday, I…I’ll think of you today, I’ll think of you tomorrow, I’ll think of you everyday, everyday… Have you ever noticed how you look at girls? Differently than how you look at me… You see me as

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