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The official music video of SHOUT SA. Check out Danny K, Kabelo and 37 other top South African celebrities as they SHOUT out against crime and start the battle to make South Africa a safer place for everyone. To tell your story or have your say please visit our Facebook page, or visit to download the song and get involved in the project.

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  • SerenityIm says:

    @cxg945 Fuck off

  • jarettstitchyadams says:

    im a south africa in oz sa rocks

  • bubblytoes1sa1 says:

    @cxg945 are you South African?

  • RStevenG says:

    As a former resident of Zambia and Kenya, with my heart and soul in Africa, I thought it was wonderful to find this in a link to ZA News clip. I remember and love the original, but this is special and speaks eloquently to the needs of not only RSA, but the world.

    Love it . . . sharing it with a new generation.

  • EricAndrewfulify says:

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  • meyercaren says:

    WOW EXELINT VIDEO!! We can all do our part against crime. The Police have their hands full. Where is our army? On struck I guess. I’m a proud South African and I’m SHOUTING AGAUNST CRIME!! WE CAN BEAT THIS!!

  • Michuella says:

    @cxg945 WTF is ur problem man?! Fuck off! If u didnt want to listen to this song, then y did u?! this song strikes a very familiar chord in almost all South Africans. so STFU and dont critisize unless u understand what its like to have barred windiws and barbed wire surrounding your house. Fucking Retard.

  • gezed01 says:


  • Sylverphoen says:

    To all the souls that have had nothing but negativity, what good EXACTLY are you bring to the world? Do your negative comments and belittling opinions make you feel good or superior in some way? Grow up, at least some people are trying to do something. Shame on you.

  • marlouw says:

    @cxg945 Fok jou idioot!!!

  • Quadraphoria says:

    this is awesome!!! Well done.. you have our support!!

  • cxg945 says:

    @Michuella Go fuck yourself; do you think I am that dumb enough to comment on something that I havent experienced?

  • cxg945 says:

    @marlouw No fuck you pathetic doos

  • marlouw says:

    @cxg945 Oooo what a great come back…..lmao. Such a loser!

  • cxg945 says:

    @marlouw Wasnt a come back at all; was just expressing myself towards you.

  • marlouw says:

    @cxg945 lmfao….Expressing yourself? As a pathetic doos huh XDDD

  • Fused24 says:

    This video makes me proud to be South African. And yes, only watching a video doesn’t do much for battling crime. But neither does moaning about it. Donating your hard earned money however, does make a difference. If 45032 people (the views so far) gave R20 each, it adds up. And this video does a lot for inspiration to do just that.

  • MABnews says:

    Thank you SHOUT for donating R 50 000 towards our charity, Matla A Bana – A voice against child abuse! You are real stars! Monique Strydom (CEO – Matla A Bana)

  • Biancakroukam says:

    @cxg945 Some people always know how to ruin something…when it really doesnt have much to do with them at all…its just raising awareness..its not to say by doing this that it will solve the problem..thats up to each individual…you are just being negative and spoiling the message it is trying to bring..and the original tears for fears song was obviously suitable..which it is..don’t ruin it for others..dont bother listening to something if you are going to be this way…its just rude

  • PCguy650 says:

    @cxg945 You fucking asshole! IM South AFrican and i understand the crime in the poor areas. Luckily i live in the rich areas but i still actually care about other people unlike assholes like you. Instead of joining a cause to stop crime around here, i would much rather join a cause to get rid of assholes like you

  • spikmylink says:

    me podrian decir los cantantes de este video??

  • tinnylulu says:

    I’m a Canadian married to a South African. I first lived there right after elections for a year and have been back a few times since. I may not be South African but I am emotionally connected to that country. Only someone who has lived there can truly understand the depths of this video. I cannot watch this without crying tears of sorrow and tears of hope. I’m going back in 6 weeks again and when I walk across the feld and breathe that dry African air I will send out all my postive wishes for

  • tinnylulu says:

    continued… this diverse, terrifying, gorgeous country. Someday, when it is safe, we will move back there and I WILL call SA home again. It will happen.
    Thank you SHOUT participants for a moving piece. Love Lori, Vancouver Island, Canada

  • munkeychunkey says:

    Im a South African in London, My grandfather and uncle were Hi-jacked last night at gun point. SOme people say the they were lucky there were not shot??? WTF!!! THis shit shouldnt be happening at all. COME ON SA!!! COME ON!!

  • ForbesWare says:

    Do not depurate be happy with naughty women

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