Shayne Ward Over the Rainbow Live

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Shayne Ward Over the Rainbow Live on the X factor

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  • ngohoanghiep says:

    my Idol i love you so much

  • ramsta93 says:

    Fantastic take on the classic song. Wonderful vocals.

  • kamela09x says:

    love shayne but were is he now because hes to good not keep doing it xxx

  • edwardmartin643 says:

    i get tearful everytime i watch that lol

  • kukichris says:

    POssibly one of the best live performances on x factor ever… IMO… although most of leonna’s were amazing aswell…. thinking that x factor has lost it a bit recently cos i dont think there has been any real performances like this

  • buckingram says:

    Undoubtedly the best X Factor performance ever, no way could Joe or any of the boys sing it like that.

  • molus100 says:

    Fantastic performance, can’t stop watching it, it brings a tear to the eyes and a lump in the throat A+

  • chilakalaka says:

    this when i knew he was going to win, best male vocal x factor has produced

  • isabelc1807 says:

    why hasn’t this guy gone futher????????????/

  • peterallen2010 says:

    the best singer I have seen

  • peterallen2010 says:

    Simon Cowell said the best performance of the entire series, and I belive that there’s no performace so far compared with this performance

  • Aardvarked88 says:

    @kukichris They’ve been putting through artists they think will get media attention rather than the people they think are the most talented, which is quite disappointing. They’ve had some very very good singers on the show but it’s only Leona that’s really fulfilled her potential, this performance is still the best of the entire show though.

  • schanasweet says:

    @isabelc1807 most x factor winners have never gone far except for the beautiful Leona Lewis. (:

  • goinjum1978 says:

    His voice is so amazing and he’s so cute:-)

  • shaynewardxx says:

    new album very soon people.. ahh i cant wait lyk 🙂

  • rickywafc87 says:

    Without doubt the greatest x factor performance Ever!!! Shayne wards my idol if i end up half the singer he is i will be extremely happy 🙂

  • noreen955 says:

    I can’t understand it Shayne is the best thing to come out of the xfactor, not only the xfactor but the best singer in the charts for a long time, what happened??? who is his manager I thought Louis Walsh was but all Louis talks about is Boyzone, Westlife, JLS and now Jedward what about Shayne if he had proper management how far would he have gone

  • Jumant1 says:

    This young man is amazing! A perfect voice and fantastic rendition of an old classic…

  • Mohlianum says:

    Shayne has an exceptional voice and range, everything he sang on X Factor was faultless and guaranteed he would win. People handle success in many ways but of course X Factor winners have to do as instructed.
    Do you agree that artists who are always on display can become very boring?

  • marytreacy says:

    Shayne has been I’ll for the last while, he had lumps removed from his vocal cords, apparently if he had left them there he would have lost his singing voice. I have heard that he will have new music out by the end of the year. By far the best winner of the xfactor!!!!

  • SickPuppyBeatz says:

    Got a new album out (with Simons help) coming very soon, he’s been ill for the past few years.

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