Rihanna – Man Down (Official Music Video!) 2011

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Rihanna – Man Down (Official Music Video) 2011 Rihanna – Man Down (Official Music Video) 2011 Rihanna – Man Down (Official Music Video) 2011 _____________________________ Add Me On Facebook Please (; www.facebook.com

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  • Firestorm300 says:

    @Hobbitchoker No, the reason you give up on discussing it with me is because you fail to read my comments to others and therefor don’t understand my point at all.

  • Necronlord2011 says:

    i’d be glad to be down and she right under me

  • Hobbitchoker says:

    @Firestorm300 Assume I don’t understand it. I’m not as ignorant as you. But seeing your profile, your making no point. Just trying to get a kick out of something. Sorry bud but you need to get a life.

  • Firestorm300 says:

    @Hobbitchoker You are just as ignorant as me. My profile is awesome. And I have a life, if not I would not sleep, eat or provoce retards on youtube 😀

  • 80spopQueen says:

    @datim2010 netiher is murder.

  • 80spopQueen says:

    @Firestorm300 why are their so many idiots assholes and just jerks on youtube?

    “mentally retarded or a nigger”

    do you fucking realize this is public? go to hell man

  • 80spopQueen says:

    @tommy407 true true! if you notice in Telephone and paparazzi, gaga and beyonce did the same thing!
    why are they premoting female murderers

  • 80spopQueen says:

    @Firestorm300 and also saying the nigger on youtube doesn’t make you a man! it makes you a bitch with a incurible small dick and a asshole on youtube.

  • Firestorm300 says:

    @80spopQueen What? Seriously? Shit! Its public? Omfg!!!! I don’t know why there are so many idiots assholes on youtube. I’m getting tired of discussing with them. Sup nigga?

  • delirium738 says:

    hey guys… just chill 😀 – great song by the way..

  • 80spopQueen says:

    @Firestorm300 I’m not a nigga we can get that clear and until you are ready to let the world know your veeiws on African Americans i suggest you stop posting it on the safety of youtube (where no one knows you or where you live or the best way to kick your ass) it makes you look like a serious dick along with the other BS you siad.

  • Dabama1993 says:

    I love the Reagge Rihanna so Hot and Lovely ^^

  • sublimeapril says:

    @Firestorm300 none of those comments answer recently stated questions. regardless of whether they’re rhetorical, your revision skills are lacking. you can’t be a professonal troll till you can be an asshole to all of my questions and respond with decent rhetoric. a real troll knows how to be morally lacking yet perceptive to what you’re fighting about. you just possess inanity. kind of a boring troll :/ fight with me when you’re better at being a jerk. or smarter. they might go hand in hand.

  • duggiechick98 says:

    Ummm ……. @(everybody) all I have to say iz that why is everybody making such a big deal out of a song about rape and the girl murders him bcuz of what she did!? And another reason iz that alot of these men rap songs are about fucking girls and smoking weed and nobody seems to have problems with it. So why all of sudden one song comes out about rape and everybody is pissed off this really doesn’t make any since (just saying)

  • SuperEli27 says:

    im loving rihannas style in this video in pretty sure everyone can agreeif you dont your an idiot……….. lol……. ps loving the red hair

  • dextra23 says:

    i think im just too dumb to read between the lines. can somebody tell me where there is rape mentioned in this song? Oo

  • shqiiiiiptarka says:

    ii lovE it ..!
    rihanna is the best =)

  • Firestorm300 says:

    @sublimeapril Actually two of those comments answered the questions. Well, I’ve gotten +40 comments, hate comments on profile and probably enraged several more (including you). So I would say my trolling worked very well. So boring troll? No, several of the commenters have realised that I am a troll and found it hillarious. So really, don’t be butthurt because you got owned. And your whole “I can write advanced words” doesn’t make you win. Butthurt troll feeders like you are entertaining 😀

  • Firestorm300 says:

    @80spopQueen Don’t lie to me nigger. Well, you can suggest whatever you like, but as long as I have the freedom of speech you can’t stop me. Did you actually believe I would stop writing nigger because you told me so?

  • 80spopQueen says:

    @Firestorm300 I’m not a nigger! a nigger is a equvalant to black trash and foolishness which i clearly am not! niggers do not get As and Bs in school, Niggers do not win awards for poetry, Niggers are not in chess and debate ternaments. Your youtube picture is just as ugly as your awful soul. do you hear yourself? Your calling Blacks a name that hurts them and torments them through out their entire past in america. your justifying rape! Would God (if your evil ass believes in one) be pleased?

  • Hobbitchoker says:

    @Firestorm300 So you say. Have you even tried doing anything helpful? Perhaps getting out into the world and meeting new kinds of people? Awesome profile? Professional troller? No one likes your type. Life=Getting out of your parents house. Being social without a keyboard. Having actual friends instead of your pixels. Plus, trying to prove yourself on YouTube…weak. Now go out and do something with your life child. You’ve got time.

  • 80spopQueen says:

    @Firestorm300 your attempts to try to make me feel bad by saying the name after i clearly stated it offends people doesn’t work! it just shows how small your penis really is. are you a bastard by the way? or are you just a punk a wimp (a “BITCH” as a nigger would say)? because you clearly want attention and by your history it seems you spent your entire day on youtube which tells me you have no life.

  • 80spopQueen says:

    @sublimeapril don’t give in just let him run his fucking mouth. Anything and everything he says is stupid and rediculous! He’s ruining this page by his horrible comments and we’re letting him by replying. Just put a thumbs down and leave it alone. Leave the shit alone! don’t argue with shit! is will always smell and be unpleasant and that’s nothing you can change

  • Bigfatty73 says:

    if this MTV is to be banned, all TV crime scene drama should all be taken down as well.

  • candicejakacj says:

    I agree. We see things like this all the time on tv but because rihanna went through that drama with Chris Brown critics are making a big deal out of it. Its not like she shoot CB. Its a video and it is up to these kids parents to teach them right and wrong. And if they would actually listen to the song they would realize that she feels bad about killing the guy. Ashanti stabbed a guy to death in her video for The Way That I Love You for cheating on her and noone said a thing.

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