Phil Keaggy AMAZING guitar solo!

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Performance at the ERACE Showcase at GMA Music Week in Nashville — 4/20/09.

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  • musicdiedJan1980 says:

    @tanderson1015 the story I heard is that Jimi Hendrix, on a tv talk show, said Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top was the greatest guitarist in the world, not Keaggy, because Glass Harp’s first album hadn’t even been released yet.

  • musicprodave says:

    This guy is great…that’s all there is to say. If someone is not into his style that’s fine but to say that he is not a great player is just absurd. The man is a guitar genius.

  • garth8062 says:

    His solo on take me closer at the end of the song sounds like a conversation with God. My all time fav
    Cant wait to play with him and King David in heaven!

  • BradB219 says:

    @musicdiedJan1980 same with ZZtops first album, I think its just one of those rumors people just fill in the blank with.

  • davidbrucemusicvideo says:

    Man… I needed this.

    I became a looping artist because of Phil Keagy. Good stuff here…

  • t0ej0b says:

    Look into his biography a little more, the Hendrix quote is possible to some degree. Improbable that he would know him as a garage band performer but album release doesn’t mean much.

  • samuelshepard says:

    @danielwalls only guitarists will criticize. how many guitarists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 15. 1 to screw in the lightbulb, the other 14 to stand around with their arms folded saying “i could do that”.

  • pazzensutra says:

    @t0ej0b I read a Keaggy interview where he says that there’s not any evidence that Hendrix said that he (Keaggy) was the greatest, so he himself doesn’t believe it happened. I don’t believe it either. I think some guy who adored Keaggy started it. Christians start rumors too. (And yeah, I’m a Christian.)

  • danielwalls says:

    @samuelshepard Nice, gonna use that one.
    I’m a guitarist too (not particularly good) so I can appreciate good playing when I see it.

  • Sheba703 says:

    most of todays stuff is just noise! keaggy has always had it together, even from the Glass Harp days!

  • Harry00Long says:

    This is weak try listening to megadeth solos

  • planebored says:

    You know the hard truth is, those who can, ROCK! The rest become critics! I love Phil!

  • azwepa62 says:

    Love this. My two cents on the greatest guitarist rumor. I had heard the rumor that Hendrix was asked what is was like to be the greatest guitarist in the world, and he said “ask Phil Keaggy”. Since hearing that rumor, I’ve seen an interview where he was ask that question and answered something along the lines of “I don’t know about the world, maybe the greatest guitarist sitting in this chair”. But I believe Phil is among the greatest, most accomplished guitarists in the world. Thanks for shar

  • 1twistedtree says:

    i like a lot, you youngsters out there want to learn how to play the git box, here is your teacher. Plain and simply one of THE BEST that ever was,is,and will ever be. Just ask around you’ll find that even though he is not popular in the POP scheme almost all of the POP artist emulate Mr. Keaggy if they are able. The man can flat get it………

  • michaelpcobb1 says:

    I saw Phil at Spririt West Coast in Del Mar CA. about 5 years ago and I was in a tent like structure and there were mayb 5 full rows of people there. He and 2 bandmates started playing and by the time he had been playing a while, I looked back and it was standing room only. They all heard it and packed the place fast.

  • KnitsAndKnitability says:

    When people ask what it takes to make a top rated comment You tell them Flat Out Honesty…”Flat Out Honesty”=Phil Keaggy Is The Greatest Guitarist That Ever Lived!!!!

  • sdenny says:

    superb playing from the master , currently gigging with nashvilles queen of the blues , miranda louise , what a combination , kindest regards from scotland

  • marth193 says:

    the greatest. always will be.

  • Rotation364 says:


  • M400fan says:

    @azwepa62 When Phil was asked if he agreed with the assessment, he said with typical self-effacing good humour “Well, I’m certainly the SHORTEST guitarist in the world!” LOL!

  • M400fan says:

    @t0ej0b Glass Harp fronted for some of the big names in ’69/’70, so it’s entirely possible that Jimi knew him from those gigs.

  • M400fan says:

    At 1:40, he plays a bit from the extended solo on the live version of Rejoice from How the West Was One – was HOPING he would go into the volume swell “trumpet fanfare”! One day I’ll see it! Anyone know if there’s any footage of it out there?

  • djbro16 says:

    @edshift It’s because in the American culture, it’s a popular thing to demean a Christian as a human being.

  • acts2verse2 says:

    There are the blessed then there the blessed who hone their craft….

  • chiefhalfoat says:

    Favorite part is at 0:42

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