Ozzy Osbourne See You On The Other Side (full version)

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Check this full uncut version from the Ozzy’s SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE official music video I hate when the original songs versions are trimmed in music videos, then this is the kind of things with that I spend my free time, that’s my hobby. So, I hope you’ll enjoy this edition that I made for you!

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  • hendrix010 says:

    yes, i will surely see you on the otherside

  • FearTheT says:

    My father recently pass away, and this song help me more then anything. He got me started in music, and we were both fans of Ozzy. This song means so much more to me now then it ever did before.

  • Loyalty1269 says:

    i love rap.. but ozzy always gets me hype. you cant deny his legendary music. SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE UNCLE ANTHONY!!! RIP!!

  • reddbehrens says:

    In memory of Melissa: rest in peace. I still love you even if it wasn’t meant to be.

  • UnNaturalSuicide says:

    RIP Dad, we miss you. 1/23/57-12/19/05

  • Himmel253 says:

    this song helped me through a family members death. the only thing that runs through my head now after hearing this song and thinking of that family member is, “i’l see you, see you on the other side.” the worst part about watching a family member die is that look they give u. they look at u as if ur the most precious thing to them in the world. the part that sucks is when u realize that to them… u r the most precious thing in the world…. i miss u Fi’Fi. <3

  • finzfan92 says:

    I can’t decide what I’d rather have play at my funeral. Either this, or ‘Simple Man’……hmm….Well, I’m only 18, so I suppose I have plenty of time to think about it…………..Or do I??? 0.o

  • LimaUnite says:

    @colevanblaricom don’t worry about him ….. worry about your own and the people close to you dearly…. hold them , embrace and know that people are lost at that moment that you are not …… listin to the voice of your heart ignore the others that embrace there own demise………

  • bambamh20 says:


  • rynoweb says:

    i love this song…

  • knutdude says:

    @finzfan92 better think of it now… hehehehe 😉

  • 777datherus777 says:

    this is a very good song…. it was played at my friend’s funeral.

  • toosad444 says:

    We played it at Dusty’s funeral too.

  • lestat0219 says:

    R.I.P Randy Castillo 🙂 Here in Albuquerque:(Da 505), We still drive by your families house, and think of how lucky we were to have you, and your talent here close with us…God Bless my friend – C U on tho other side our brother 🙂 …peace out…

  • rocknrollbabygirl says:

    RIP my daddy Benjamin. This will be the first xmas w/o him & it felt so weird on thanksgiving when he was’nt there & it feels so weird when i come home & hes not on his chair watching a movie or he doesnt answer the door anymore. I miss him sooooooooooo much!!!!!

  • MasterKilokk says:

    @mamawstoot i know exactly how you feel… 12/15/10 my cousin/best friend hung himself in my basement… i was the one who found him. I wanted this to be played at his funeral as well, however it wasnt played.

  • MasterKilokk says:

    @fontenoteli Hope you have to go through the same thing i did. finding a loved one hanging from the rafters, looking broken and quite obviously dead. having to pull them down yourself and hoping that since they are still a little warm they will be ok, even though you know they are gone. calling 911 while your parents perform CPR on what was once your best friend. running across the street to the EMT who lives there for help. watching HIM perform CPR even though the body has gone cold.

  • MasterKilokk says:

    @fontenoteli Realizing that you will NEVER see him again. all this 10 days before christmas AND 13 days before your birthday (this last bit is KINDA specific, but i digress). You should NEVER say something like that. You are a terrible waste of a human being, and i seriously hope you have to deal with this right before you turn 19 just like i had to. actually no… no i dont, because i wouldnt wish this on anyone.

    one last thing though… JOHN 3:16! READ IT MOTHER FUCKER! READ IT!

  • starwarskid31 says:

    R.I.P. Nana And Pu Pu it’s been a long time without you guys and i miss you for what i can remember of u.

  • Rikset11 says:

    @fontenoteli dude you’re just a horrible person. i can’t decide if you’re mad because you won’t have that kind of love from anyone when you die, or you’re just a piece of shit who needs to make others feel bad so you feel better about yourself.

  • 2011Majorette4Lifeee says:

    @MasterKilokk Your story just made me ball my eyes out. I recently lost a loved one to leukemia in April. I listen to this song to help me get through those nights of tears. It’s truly painful to know that a young friend is gone and won’t be coming back. I’m sincerely sorry for your loss and feel terrible about what you had to go through. I couldn’t handle having to pull my friend down, I am so sorry.

  • MultiMonster1997 says:

    to my cuzin Johnny r.i.p love you miss you see you on the other side

  • chickachicka2010 says:

    We played this at my uncle’s funeral…I love this song.

  • 17yargnits says:

    N my opinion I dont think Tony,Randy,Brad,Jake,Steve,Zak or Gus could hav written or played a better guitar part on this song.RESPECT

  • sapphiretaurus says:

    @TheTanyamare You have my deepest sympathies. I’m sure Ed is looking down and smiling at you, and is very proud of you. I hope he has a long wait. May you have a long, happy, and healthy life. Live for both you and Ed. Rock on, sister.

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