Original Composition: “Sukumi Village”

Original Composition: (video) \ Hey, I’m back with another original composition! Before I explain how this piece came to be, the image used in the video was created by kovah of DeviantART. …

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  • Kelyx614 says:

    Beautiful, but you couldn’t have worked on my request? lol nah, like I said
    I don’t care when you finish it. As long as it’s good, in which theres no
    doubt it will be~ because all of your compositions are amazing

  • Fullnintendo says:

    Boredom does lead to wonderful things. Fifteen seconds in, I was confident
    that I would love this and I did. I don’t have any criticism to offer; it’s
    perfectly fine as an ambient piece and the repetition really works. 1:06 –
    1:24 is my favorite part.

    So yep, favorited all the way.

  • mekmek sommer says:

    1:06 – 1:24 is so Beautiful! Its really cool when it comes to 1:24 i like
    that! Its like im in a dream world or something like that! xD cool! You
    have Skills Larxene! :3

  • Geothern1683 says:

    Uau Larxene this is great, it really tells me something this theme and i
    can’t describe it but it’s really Uau.
    Congratulations (even if it was only done because of being bored LOL)

  • mekmek sommer says:

    Hello First! :3

  • Juseph Crespo says:

    OMG This is pretty awesome! And its like the theme represents the image
    setting there :D

  • pokewiz309 says:

    So methodical. I can love this.:D

  • mekmek sommer says:

    I Love it! It have some Water Drops in it and kind’a like Zelda Theme! But
    its really nice to hear! Good Job! Like it! This is very Nice done!
    Beautiful Theme! ^^ Your Themes are really cool! I just have to say it! ;3

  • mekmek sommer says:

    Huh, I didn’t know? xD but it really sounds kind’a like some water efects
    or something like that? xD but whatever! Its still Perfect! :3

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