[MV] “Ya Ya Ya” (야야야) -Urban Zakapa (High School: Love On-하이스쿨: 러브온 OST Vol .7 (ROM+ENG)LYRICS

[MV] (video) \ “Ya Ya Ya” (야야야) -Urban Zakapa (High School Love On/하이스쿨: 러브온 OST Vol .7 (하이스쿨 러브온)은 2014ë…„ 7ì›” 11일부터 KBS 2TV얐서 방송되고 있는 20부ìž’…

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  • Abbigail Vitug says:

    [MV] “Ya Ya Ya” (야야야) Urban Zakapa- 하이스쿨: 러브온 OST Vol .7 

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