Muse – Uprising[OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] (edited)

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Note: information from YouTube
A good music video by muse! I only edited colors

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  • DSARMYBOY94 says:

    All of y’all are putting way to much thought on this song it’s a song just listen to it damn

  • thermacd69 says:

    Maybe they represent the masses, who have up to this point been “soft”, letting the leaders simply tell them what to do, and simply taking it. Then, they rise, or “wake up” when they see the destruction and broken promises around them. Them smashing stuff up shows the rioting, and them being killed at the end shows where the true power lies, and that the “lucky” will always win no matter what.

    “Those who cast the votes decide nothing.
    Those who count the votes decide everything”


  • derekjh1 says:

    seriously, dont think so much its a song and listen to the damn Muse. in short this song is about government so if thats to hard to understand then jus GTFO

  • lolzXPkellz says:

    Love this song!!

  • justinray02 says:

    Assume!I’m going to start a band and this is what I want to play!first I gota learn gutar though!

  • Maggot91ify says:

    1st of March is Justin Bieber’s birthday. This little roach has been infecting the whole world. Because of him, the world of rock is extincting.

    So on his birthday, we all will go to his “Baby” official video and push the ‘dislike’ button so that the ‘dislike’ bar becomes 10 times bigger than the ‘like’ bar.

    If you are a rock fan, join with me and thumbs up me, copy-paste this message to all rock videos. We have two months to unite and fight against this little cockroach

  • somame69 says:

    This should be the Arab worlds new anthem,although it’s sometimes scary what follows a lot of uprisings…know what I mean?

  • MrAboujanty says:

    @somame69 Where are you from ?
    and what you mean?

  • somame69 says:

    @MrAboujanty Well I mean that since the end of WWII,there have been 88 revolutions,and only 19 resulted in some form of Democracy,some even ended up with worse despots.

  • WakeupnowandResist says:

    @99Deadly exacly, the bears symbolize our goverment, Teddy bears seem cute, cuddlt, and offer safty to a child, were the children, our Goverment seems nice, and offers safty and seceraty, but on the inside the goverment is monsters, the Elites, Illuminati, and new world order control them

  • Edwardhvj1901 says:

    Muse is soooo epic!!
    i can’t stop listening to them!!
    i just love there music!!
    muse is the best !! and they will be the best forever!!
    Muse fan forever!!

  • riseagainstiskiller says:

    This VIDEO GOES ON FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!

  • katwaroo100 says:

    i love muse

  • JayEffW says:

    make sure to disable annotations because the uploader of the video has for some inexplicable reason put a 5 second break right before the end of the video. also, the red overlay in the ending was a bit annoying. :<
    more to the point, I absolutely love this song.

  • consordjung says:

    @riseagainstiskiller Everyone must think you are so cool! Good video but only retards spam facebook with shit other people don’t care about. If they like it they are probably listening to it right now!

  • ForlornCupid says:

    @WakeupnowandResist good interpretation. I think ud like the “We stand with you Randy Weaver” video too. Fascist pig.

  • aymen937 says:

    great song and a great group i love it ^^

  • ilovesppl2013 says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!

  • Awsomeauatin says:

    Riot riot riot RIOT!!!!!!!!!

  • Esperu2008 says:

    Great song, bad sound quality

  • MsSpy106 says:

    this song is always awsome no matter how many times you hear. Five thumbs for it

  • florinette83ful says:

    Nice vid! One of the favorite songs! So cool end. The bears win. Thanks for thé vid

  • mellowfacemarsh says:

    matt bellamy epic interview by alex jones


  • scarypoo8xbox8com says:


  • jjupitergirl says:

    i do not support american idol, but godamn james durbin served then this song. just saying. i guess pursue your dreams by any means necessary

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