Metallica All Nightmare Long (Official Music Video)

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Note: information from YouTube
Music video for All Nightmare Long, as claimed by Kirk to be old school Russian film footage! DISCLAIMER: I don’t own any of the material uploaded, Metallica, Warner Bros., Vertigo etc. does. -LY… msic video

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  • angryslug1 says:

    kill all sons of bitches…
    thats mah official instructions

  • duphree17 says:

    @ScaredPiglet fag

  • nickolasGate7 says:

    can you all stop fuckin argue about justin faggot?

  • juanse783 says:

    por dios!!!!!!!

  • clanphear316 says:

    @ScaredPiglet This is clearly metal militia territory so why don’t you scoot on back to what I’m sure is the horrid music you listen to and go away.

  • skillzdatpaythebills says:

    @angryslug1 ha isnt that in left 4 dead 2 any way still funny!

  • WoopsyDudes says:

    @ScaredPiglet Fucking retard, go hate on Justin Bieber, but NEVER HATE ON METALLICA!!!!!

  • marko9900 says:

    @ScaredPiglet if you hate it the n why did you listne it in the first place??? and if you liek chainsaws better then why dont you listne at them. I can remember who said it, but somone made a good point. Metal is for people who dont want just music but something more. if you dont understand the greatness of this music the njsut dont listen it.

  • tallica4alltime says:

    @nando19751 poser

  • nando19751 says:

    @tallica4alltime- how am i a poser? just because i think this band sux ass now and have since that god awful “black album” doesn’t mean i am a poser. i just didn’t like how they were changing their style to make the corporates happy instead of doing it for the fans. they were really good back in the day and i had a lot of respect for this band until that stupid album. also there are various reasons why i can’t stand this band anymore.

  • nando19751 says:

    dear young metallica i pray for you to come today and kick the ever loving shit out of your older selves for pissing on your name and creating a circus act.

  • xXTurdSandwitchXx says:

    Interesting how this album came out right before the financial crisis. Like they knew the world was about to go post 9/11 phase 2 economic warfare against the people. This is ww3

  • Steph21011989 says:

    @nando19751 Poser is not the right word… Betrayer is the right one. Shut the fuck up and go listen to some gay ass commercial radio station. Fuck

  • ShawneeShawneemiau says:

    Oh Shit. .__.

    i love it!!!

  • jakesmithproductions says:

    @ScaredPiglet hey sacredpiglet! guess what? SHUT THE FUCK UP! or chuck norris will hunt you down, gauge your eyes out with drumsticks and burn your cock off with a blowtorch

  • nando19751 says:

    @steph21011989-so i’m a betrayer. you guys or girls make me laugh. sorry, but i don’t want to listen to some gay ass commercial radio station because i might hear the new metallica on it. lol. i don’t think i’ll hear any toxic narcotic or screeching weasel or any warlock pinchers either. just cause i can’t stand everything metallica represents nowadays doesn’t mean i’m a betrayer. i can’t stand a band who is controlled by a big corporation and sues their fans for downloading their music.

  • turix21 says:

    what film is it, if exist?

  • Johnparrr2 says:

    @ScaredPiglet fuck you justin bieber fag

  • pokemaniac850 says:

    @ScaredPiglet than what kind of music is good 4 u? justin bieber?

  • zombieperson1 says:

    for those who disliked, the monster will devour you

  • PrimeMousse says:

    I don’t really can tell the diference if Metallica is still good or sold outs. What i reallly think of them is that they’re fucking metal gods of old. They still are the best in their fucking level! Metallica’s still in the Halls of Rock Val-friecking-Halla!!! If anyone thinks otherwise, go listen Ashley Simpson and her voice recorded concert for 300 $ you fags!!! LMFAO!!!!!!

  • zeroliser says:

    hello, new bass cover on my page: metallica “all nightmare long” 😉

  • guerrerosramone says:

    oh man!!! I had nightmares after watch this!!!
    I love it!!!!

  • pivotrocker8 says:

    skillful videi

  • pivotrocker8 says:

    I love it because of how precise the science fiction is

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