Madonna – Material Girl [Official Music Video]

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Madonna – Like a Virgin – Material Girl

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  • clumsychicc says:

    @champster6288 i like this 🙂

  • thecoolestfreak says:

    @champster6288 shut the fuck up .-.

  • bonofan100 says:

    cool theres no dislikes for once Madonna is legend her music will be forever

  • MarielitaForever says:

    @champster6288 living in a material world, living in a material world, living in a material world, living in a material world, living in a material world, living in a material world, living in a material world……

  • lawoodoo says:

    For Lady S.O.V.!

  • lawoodoo says:

    The problom with this song is it! “Meterial girl”!

  • lawoodoo says:

    You think he’ll be there!

  • lawoodoo says:

    Hey! S.O.V.!

  • lawoodoo says:

    If you see the S.O.V.!

  • kja427 says:

    How ironic;later on in her career she would dig deeper into the matter with “American Life”. How materialistic our society has become. Here in The USA, the spirit of selfishness runs amok, we stab each others’ backs, and we look out for number 1. No wonder we have economic problems today. Well, off my soapbox.

  • champster6288 says:

    @bonofan100 I’m agree

  • BoyIsAMonster says:

    It is unfair to call Gaga a copycat, especially on this video where Madonna is copying Marilyn Monroe (this isn’t the only time she has)
    Everyone one does it, thats Hollywood. everything has pretty much been done
    only thing left is to repeat it & make it your own

  • JirachiEatsPacks says:

    My top three fav singers
    1.)Queen (born to love u)
    2.)Madonna(material girl)
    3.) ????(atlantis is calling s.o.s for love)

  • jamir25 says:

    i see more david bowie than madonna in gagga but she is good.i love this fuckin vid i dont care if she copied off of marlyn or not maddonna kicks ass

  • penguin4210 says:

    She copied off Marilyn, but Marilyns F***ing awesome…. so either way their both my idols ^^

  • starla22g says:

    This is one of the best if not thee best tribute to Marilyn Monroe’s – Diamonds are a girls best friend. What makes it cool is instead of just copying the exact routine of the song and dance number like many do, Madonna made it her own with her own song and the same sultry seductive sexyism that Marilyn possessed.

  • CapeRayer22 says:

    i Rank This #99 on my list of top 100 favorite music videos of the 1980’s. Madonna in her early stages of pop culture legacy was absolutely phenomenal due to the fact of this album. Like A Virgin was the pinnacle of her career and she deserves to be called the Queen Of Pop.

  • guilherminhu says:

    @kja427 that’s an example how the media influence our society, world society. The majority of people are useless, just business opportunities.

  • Madzho89 says:

    ugh i love her bad acting… 🙂

  • fanofmussic says:

    gaga and madonna are friends in real life.madonna was few times at her monster ball tour and theyh are friends..they have mad respect for each I don’t get why some madonna and gaga friends fight really..gaga is so inspired by madonna and she said that…I agree with zdare2believe..gaga is queen.but madonna is the godess <3

  • hollisterluver4912 says:

    @Rolltron accually i saw this on mtv in the morning like 3 days ago

  • LawrenceLugar1 says:

    #123 comment, Madonna

  • TheDellanator says:

    idk about lady gaga…i mean she sonly been famous for like 3 of 4 years, maddonna has for ages. so i’m not quite sure cause i like lady gaga but shes not really an icon JUST my opinion..

  • juliet24440 says:

    this song is so true

  • TheDellanator says:

    anyway im 13 and I looovvveeee this song 😀

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