Madonna – Cherish [Official Music Video]

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Madonna – Cherish [Like a Prayer Album 1989]

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  • British0Pixie says:

    Great video that’s very sexy without being sex-up!
    These days everyone is naked in their videos and
    basically having sex on screen just to sell cd’s.

    A young & HOTT Madonna, Mermen that are equally as HOTT,
    a cute as a button baby merlad, and a catchy song = CLASSIC!

  • MIZZboom1 says:

    wa is up with the vidio lol mermades lol ok lol xx

  • juanruff013 says:

    @British0Pixie that’s true…most of artist are naked having sex on screen :S It’s allright showing a little bit your body, but not on all the music videos!

  • sandrodream1 says:

    good song but english language rouine the music

  • wwxasw says:

    es guapisimaaaaaaa¡¡¡no haberla conocido con esa edad para haberme enamorado de ella hasta el infinito y mas alla jajajajajaaj saludos¡¡¡

  • breadbaker226 says:

    One of her best songs

  • ty68696869 says:

    herb Ritts! best photog of 80s! always rocked the looks for madge!

  • funny0000000 says:

    I remember where I was the first time this aired. My dad just bought me a new RCA 16″ TV. I just plugged it in and the world premier of this video came on. I stood and watched it.

    Now MTV is a reality channel and videos get release on youtube with any of the hoopla. Back in the 80’s when a Michael Jackson or Madonna video came out it was a really BIG event.

    Even regular artists got a little world premier intro and everyone watched it to see if it was any good.

  • dryan22 says:

    There was an artistic vision and aesthetic to Madonna`s best videos that harkened back to a classic quality that`s missing in today`s videos. Now the editing and the imagery is supposed to stun you with speed so you`re just watching trying to figure out what it is you`re looking at, whereas before videos took you in and gave you something to relate to, enjoy, and absorb,

  • morik1 says:

    @dryan22 You’re absolutely right. Except for Ray Of Light , all her video clips (even her funkiest songs) show an unusual yet fascinating slow pace that makes you think there are more than marketing behind every clip. As you said “artistic vision” .

  • slolju says:

    I like Madonna because she is naturally relaxed and she sings with soul this is visible on her face and on her moves

  • PsychotronicWar says:

    Ahhh…good old 80s…

  • wisers001 says:

    Even the tough guys love her! I remember the house party’s then !!

  • psychomat64 says:

    The year is married …

  • psychomat64 says:

    The year I married … 1989…

  • mimivegan says:

    adoroooo Madonnaaaaa :)))

  • mikimacki says:

    My favorite Madonna song, She looks fantastic in this video!!

  • jowo13 says:

    I dont even know how you can even compare gaga to madonna. Madonna did it all first. The sexy bad girl thing, the virgin,then religioun,,she did it all..gaga is just an act that came out because of madonna.

  • arnagui228 says:


  • falsespring says:

    THE happiest song she ever recorded. still makes me smile. *hearts*

  • StarpeemReturns says:

    :’) Thumbs up if this song makes u so happy!!!


    her hair rocks

  • ariesscorpiorising says:

    @British0Pixie Youre joking of course. Madonna is the original quintissential slut!! And thats no bad thing. ;D

  • toooomcat says:

    @mikimacki Cute Fuzz!!!

  • seppbln says:

    first video I saw on tv with madonna and fell in love and didn’t know how… then the german wall was broken and I bought my first vinyl and it was madonnas true blue… guess my family went crazy..hearing everyday madonna….. yeah it was not like today you can hear your songs alone, but that time…

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