Lupe Fiasco – I’m Beaming (Official Music Video) + HD

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The official video for Lupe Fiasco’s “I’m Beaming” from his upcoming album Lasers due out later this year.

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  • JRoss911 says:

    @octacon8 Because every aspect of life has a theme song, every event, every movement, every cause….Music is one of the best ways to subliminally put different words into your mind i mean tell me how many song lyrics you can remember off the top of your head and then tell me how many quotes you remember from maybe an interview or something…Music is more powerful and with hip-hop alone it effects millions of people predominantly children of the future

  • CiyaDe says:

    12 people dont like me, by Hip-Hop.

  • teeandmo1533 says:

    you are right i love him

  • siccestn702 says:

    @phenomenonnarutokun youre rite but then youre wrong too..not every hand sign people do is illuminati…AND YES IT HAS BEEN AROUND FOR AGES. and now all of a sudden it’s like people want to find them through famous people.? find them through famous people? the illumanti is every where open youre fuckin eyes its..and no its not a fact that lupe fiasco is IS NOT AN ILLUMINATI!!!! andn o the thumb does not.all im sayin is that theres a great chance he mite and he mite not.get youre facts rite

  • aodan19 says:

    @ 3:06 Illuminati – The All Seeing Eye

  • aodan19 says:

    @ 3:06 Illuminati – The All Seeing Eye @ 3:49 “It’s never cyclops, it’s never EYE ALONE.” yeah. holy shit. The Illuminati exists.

  • diontehall says:

    @MissLisa206 hell i bet the views came from the same ppl who love the video and come back to watch it…..definitely a shame

  • diontehall says:

    “and baby it doesnt matter where your purse from, your hair did, your nails done, your ass fat but your dumb”

    loved that line

  • MissLisa206 says:

    @diontehall. I know I gotta count for a handfull of the 124 thou. And that’s possibly one of my favorite lines EVER.

  • NewNewBlu89 says:

    @BonaSetToKill man u r so right dude, thts because people dont understand real rappers

  • oxidon says:

    he works for the illuminati and has sold his soul
    why just 125.100 ?


  • andavenport says:

    @octacon8 Lupe performed at Trae Day in H-Town a few months ago. Shit was off the chain mayne and it was free

  • octacon8 says:

    @BonaSetToKill hey it grew 7000 views from last week

  • octacon8 says:

    @andavenport aw dam i wish i couldnt went dam

  • x0xRuthx0x says:

    Wow, just wow. This song is UNREAL. Love all the anti-illuminati lyrics and scenes. This song really needs to be publicised. Is Lupe big in America? I personally havnt heard any of his songs since Superstar on the radio etc. I wonder if thats due to the illuminati? Anyway, im going to dowload this song and put it on repeat. Epic.

  • jonnycakes36 says:

    “baby girl, what does it matter where your purse from?
    Your hurr done, your nails did, your ass fat, but you’re dumb”…….so true, so true. Lupe keepin it real like always

  • al3xb777 says:

    if lupe was illuminati, hed be dead cuz of all the anti illuminati stuff hes spreadin. probably only reason hes not dead now is cuz people will know who did it… illuminatis.
    go lupe! keep spittin truth!

  • msdivacutie1628 says:

    Sad that this is Lupe’s last…we want more

  • johncp1989 says:

    Funny how all these artists suddenly become anti illuminati as the truth is wide spread throughout the world. Pretty suspect Imo. Not Lupe though…Hes BEEN doin this. Realest rapper alive!

  • babygirl3s says:

    haha i love the part where he goes like “Loooosers”

  • hitmangc says:

    This sh#t is tuff!

  • EzKoBaRrRr says:

    I Really like the Intro!

  • 01DaBoss01 says:

    u so damn right bro. the same i told my friend few days ago. drake n weezy are mainstream shit. lupe forever. agree with u 100%

  • SkAt3bOaRd3rdOv3 says:

    Lupe Fiasco Is Not Illuminati Just listen 2 What He Is Saying People Sayin Yu Can See The Devil Face At 27 And 32 And He Disses the Illuminati By Knocking It Down With A HA And You Dumbasses Still Like Lil’Wayne Who Don’t Rap About Shit Smh

  • LakeRafiD says:

    I would agree with you on everything you said.

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