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Lady Gaga Live Telephone Interview HQ Openly Admits a big secret PLEASE SUPPORT LADY GAGA! Bad RomanceGood Morning America GMA interview Leaving People Speechless Elton John She Was Born This Way To Be A Star ! “Lady Gaga Live” Katy Perry Teenage Dream and Kesha Tik Tok have nothing on Gaga! Funny Lol They can’t compare with Lady Gaga! We love You Lady Gaga! Her Live Performance is the greatest ! You should see them! Her Best Music Video Was Lady Gaga Telephone Ft Beyonce Music Video Official Lyrics She is the hot sexy babe Mega Monster star! She is my idol! Monster Tracklist 01. Bad Romance 02. Alejandro 03. Monster 04. Speechless 05. Dance In The Dark 06. Telephone 07. So Happy I Could Die 08. Teeth Love Game Just Dance Poker Face Beautiful Dirty Rich The Fame New Song Music will be amazing

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  • dhampir1000 says:

    @gryphonklaw u need a serious treatment u christofreniac beliving in imaginery gods is so retarted and it proofs that some of us just cant see the whole picture ,atheists only can ,ask any neurologist

  • thegreeniydbandit says:

    ~ Im sorry, but being bi-sexual is just fucking nasty, and greedy ; to boot.
    Make up your fucking mind with your nasty asses. Whats next, you gonna get all sensitive on me when people are “tri-sexual” and want to fuck man, woman, and animal ? GTFOH

  • thegreeniydbandit says:

    @dhampir1000 ~ Ask any neurologist what sense it makes for homosexuality.
    You cannot procreate with the same sex. Without procreation, humans eventually go extinct.

  • thegreeniydbandit says:

    People are fucking ridic. Now everyone wants to be in a “protected class” because they have an irrational libido and want to fuck everything and everybody.
    Pphhht…If you’re gay, be gay.. America is getting cool with that lifestyle now, but for hells sake when you want to be greedy and have men and women, don’t expect my pity when you get ridiculed. Pick a side, Bitch. Ugh…

  • d11btv says:

    Hi, watch our celebrities! Beautiful sculpted in clay and animated in stop-motion. Like Celebrity Deathmatch! Soon with Lady Gaga and Madonna. Stay tuned and subscribe our channel.

  • gidatp says:

    I love you Lady Gaga you are so pure and true artist.

  • Orcband says:

    thumbs down if you think this bitch hosting it is a fucking cunt

  • MackChasingCharlie says:

    Its crazy how everything she says seems so well thought out and I think Diane felt dumb for asking her such personal and irrelivent question about her sexuality.

  • gryphonklaw says:


    You’re an idiot, kid. You haven’t even read the bible, probably. If you read it, then you might actually know God is real. You think he’s imaginary because of media you set your eyes on. If he was so imaginary, then why for all these years, do billions of people still believe in him? Open your eyes kid. Even scientists have proven God is real.


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  • lakota410 says:

    @thegreeniydbandit asshole there’s nothing wrong with bi… grow up and deal with it.

  • thegreeniydbandit says:

    @lakota410 ~ Um how about its wrong to be a nasty MF who can keep your shit in your pants no matter who it is ?

  • bowlfullofcherries says:

    love her<3

  • Rikka321 says:

    I absoulutely love Lady Gaga to death. Pop coulture needs her because I’m getting tired of stupid cookie cutter princess singers 😀

  • TheVampireMuffin says:

    um, no they haven’t.
    there is absolutely no proof that God exists.

    if he did, wouldn’t people have known him at the beginning of time?
    PAGANS existed before Christianity & it’s sacrilege.

  • TheVampireMuffin says:

    um, no they haven’t.
    there is absolutely no proof that God exists.

    if he did, wouldn’t people have known him at the beginning of time?
    PAGANS existed before Christianity & its sacrilege.

  • Sasacaras says:

    hey Lady … yo have a good soul 🙂

  • mexicala says:

    @TheVampireMuffin uhmm sweeti people didnt exist at the beginning of time. ever heard of the theory of evolution? humans weren’t always living on earth, much less at the beginning.
    is there proof that God doesn’t exist ?

  • wailord11 says:

    wahaha lol

  • vladetic3 says:

    @RetroPandaBear Well said.

  • randomguyxx1 says:

    @intunewithzearth Not to mention she’s FUGLY! I agree 100% with your statement!

  • lakota410 says:

    @thegreeniydbandit being bi has nothing to do with keeping it in your pants retard it’s liking both genders so shut the hell up and grow up. nothing nasty about it!

  • pinkarcticfoxyy says:

    “well i am a song writer, im a performence artist, im a daughter, imahermaphrodite (cough cough) and a sister.

  • RetroPandaBear says:

    @vladetic3 Why thank you my cupcake 😉

  • Barbenceli says:

    @TheVampireMuffin Shut up u peice of evil

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