Ke$ha’s Producer Dr. Luke Responds to Bullying Claim

Ke$ha's Producer Dr. Luke Responds to Bullying Claim(video) \ Dr. Luke responds to bullying claim made by Ke$ha’s mom after her daughter heads to rehab for bulimia. Watch Fuse News weeknights at 7:30/6:30c. Find Fuse on…

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  • Sharif Hussaini says:

    yes he is

  • ApexPrdator Roar says:

    Oh please, what about personal responsibilty?

  • Chris Moore says:

    I forgot the name of the rehabillitation center she is going to but
    whenever i hear a celeb is going into rehab i think of mind control and the
    beggining of their proggraming and them being the satanic puppets owned by
    a bunch of money greed murderous evil people who run our own government and

  • MixTape Promoter says:

    Kesha should check herself into a bath..

  • Fabian Pacheco says:

    This all so sad. I know how this feels. I sufffered from bulimia 5 years. I
    know how awful it is to have to lie to cover your tracks and to have to
    pretend everything is perfectly fine.

  • Trevor Gray says:

    But I love kesha she’s my baby I hope she gets better

  • NZU TYBO says:

    *1:02 NICE MODEL*

  • Geovane Morgan says:

    He probably is guilty, they’ve bullied a lot of these artists especially
    females to represent their music with a standard image – thin, blond,
    overtly sexual.

  • zubwolf126 says:

    Idk…its weird 

  • Colin Rice says:

    Dr. Luke said no such thing. His rep did the talking. He probably happy
    about all this. He doesn’t feel sorry.

  • Rai Shauna Martin says:

    I don’t think Dr.Luke would worry about Kesha weight. I’m sure he would be
    more concerned about what direction Kesha should move in as far as her
    music career goes. I hope this isn’t some attempt at trying to keep her
    name in the blogs and magazines because that would be disgusting.

  • Chris Moore says:

    Recording Artist Ke$ha just entered rehab for an eating disorder for 30
    days because her ass of a producer said she was fat and looked like a
    refrigerater,im not suprised that Ke$ha is actually beginning her MK Ultra
    Programming after all she has been trying to escape for her record label
    and the music buisness.


    First comment!

  • Emily Goldner says:

    I Luv u Kesha hope u get better! 

  • jacquelyn diamond says:

    Chris Moore – you nailed it! That is EXACTLY what “re-hab” is about, it is
    a well known fact in the music industry, what’s astonishing to me is how
    many people don’t know this….wow.

  • kristin kaneva says:

    i hope she gets better soon no body deserve something like that 

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