Katy Perry – Unconditionally (Official)

Katy Perry - Unconditionally (Official)(video) \ Download “Unconditionally” from Katy Perry’s ‘PRISM’: Official video for Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally” directed by Brent Bonacorso …

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  • dia ducky says:

    luff d dress shes wearing shmuer zD

  • Kelben Oracoy says:

    I don’t really like the song (I dont like slow songs) but I think the
    video’s really amazing. The song might just grow on me. Cheers from a
    little monster 🙂

  • cakeykhans says:

    Beautiful cinematography!

  • Gabby Abaya says:

    Sorry I don’t get the meaning of the video but I love loved it! The song,
    the lyrics and the stunning gorgeous images 😀 love Katy Perry!!

  • The Courtyard Films says:

    Hey Peeps, we just created a funny short clip in relation to…not this
    song…BUT if you want some laughs, check out our page by searching
    “thecourtyard films” & watch “TO EAT OR NOT TO EAT”
    …because we all have those thoughts…especially when there’s CHOCOLATE
    on the table;) I know you know I know you know what I mean;) ~Anya

  • Kelsey Benne says:

    Seriously a feast for my eyes…Old world fashion AND an owl!??! Also the
    song is great…so its just 360degrees of winning.

  • Sammy Jiménez says:

    I don’t get the video, and this song’s just not so good, it was a huge
    mistake not making Dark Horse her 2nd single, because Roar it’s the best
    song on her album, and Dark Horse and Walking On Air are a not – so – bad
    songs, the other ones aren’t good at all, IMO 🙂
    She looks so beautiful in here tho.

  • crunkin4me says:

    Breath-takingly gorgeous…

  • Stcy Dime says:

    Absolutely beautiful

  • james bond says:


  • Leila-Rose Keegan says:

    she is so beautiful!

  • Karolina Valentova says:

    Although I am a soldier from Linkin Park song but the video I like

  • Ruby Carrier says:

    Loved this I have been waiting for it to come went on you tube ahhhhhhh omg
    its here it was the bomb I loved it

  • Ever daniel Baez says:

    Iloveeeeeee kkkaaaaatttyyyyyyy

  • choitety says:

    There’s story behind in video
    1st The mother born a daughter and a son beside her
    Next they grown up
    Then in the last scene , when the mother’s old
    The son’s in love with a man and a white dress girl’s Katy ?

    Its very short scene, but its all make sense if she’s telling about love
    around her.

  • lucatme says:

    Wow, is this the best they could do? I thought her songs were formulaic but
    this is plain lazy songwriting. And the video looks like a perfume
    commercial and adds nothing to the song but a random owl. Not impressed.

  • Amanda H says:

    OKAY…… This is bad. There is so much symbolism in this video. She is
    making herself Jesus. The lyrics are a twisted form of what Jesus says. She
    says she will love unconditionally no matter what your sin and she wants
    you to do whatever you want because she accepts you and wants you to
    worship her as an idol because you dont have to apologize(ask for
    forgiveness). But the thing is she isn’t Jesus and Jesus does love
    unconditionally but it is also with love that He will show you what is
    wrong in your life. He died for our sins and we are not all worthy of this.
    She has cross earrings on and each frame when she is wearing them she
    looks all glowy and holy. This is clearly delusions of grandeur. Then
    towards the end of the video she gets hit by a car and the car shatters as
    if she is all powerful and then she lays in a bed of roses to symbolism her
    death and then the last frame it’s an empty bed of roses…… HELLLLOOOOO
    Jesus’ resurrection???? Same types of twisted-biblical symbolism I see in
    her video Wide Awake. (Strawberry=apple (heaven at the end))

  • Gabrielle Peckham says:

    Wow. That is a really beautiful video. Great costumes, cinamatography ,
    katy’s beautiful as ever and i think the song is for sure a grower (The
    best kind of song)

  • artofheart23 says:

    This is absolutely perfect, Katy Has matured in such a majestic, beautiful
    and positive way. She learnt from real life mistakes and channelled them
    into transforming into the beautiful, talented women she is today. I raise
    my glass to her 🙂

  • Miguel Orona says:

    This video has some serious beautiful images of love! She burned her “candy
    girl” era to look more serious and to me that is fine. I love this song so
    much, this is one of the best from her album that is full of great lyrics.

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