Katy Perry – “Last Friday Night (TGIF)” official music video teaser

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You’re invited to the party of the summer! Tune in to Katy Perry’s music video premiere for “Last Friday Night (TGIF)” on June 14th – available everywhere! Kathy Beth Terry has no friends! LIKE Kathy Beth Terry on Facebook and follow her on Twitter! www.facebook.com/kathybethterry www.twitter.com/kathybethterry Buy “Last Friday Night (TGIF)” on iTunes here: goo.gl/j1FSg

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  • RandomObsessiveGirl says:

    @ilirjannah T. G. I. Fridays?
    It’s like an american bar type place I think… look it up :\

  • kiir33 says:

    Is that Rebecca Black at 0:16??!?!

  • JrWofulrabbit says:

    @ilirjannah it means thank god it’s friday, but T.G.I Friday’s is a restauraunt in America and England too x

  • ilirjannah says:

    Come on guys…..this is rude ok ? really I don’t find it funny at all…:< I don't have braces or anything like that but I don't think you should make fun out of people that do HAVE them .. this is so not nice.. I'm sure she Had 'em when she was younger

  • 32ipod says:

    can’t wait till this video comes out!!! : ) If you guys don’t like her why waste your time to watch?

  • MrsTaylorLautner99 says:

    over 10 Billion people in the world and she chooses rebecca black to be in her video… Wow katy… wow…

  • chatidol says:

    @ilirjannah thank God it’s friday <–T.G.i.F

  • vitexdoidex says:

    Press 6.

  • ilirjannah says:

    @JrWofulrabbit oh got it thnx

  • Tsazao says:

    Well she’s married to a comedian, maybe she’s catching up

  • complexco says:

    @Myfreevotehaha2 Totally agree. Apart from that I think that this video is going to be like a parody of all the ‘partying videos’. Shakira, Gaga, Kesha, Jennifer Lopez and a long etc…

  • saronrock says:

    0:17 WHY’D THEY CENSOR THAT? :'(

  • ilirjannah says:

    @lossie101 yeah…. what is it with this girl and the fridays????

  • hidylove93 says:

    @Tsazao hahahahahaha you’re hilarious !!!!! =))))))

  • ilirjannah says:

    @chatidol thnx for telling me .. :>

  • HPislegend248 says:

    @Davidusmaximus11 It is music. Its just music you don’t like. I call Avenged Sevenfold mindless garbage cos all it is is them screaming into a microphone and making a load of racket. That doesn’t mean that it is garbage. I just don’t like it. And it certainly doesn’t mean people would jump off a cliff for it. They just like something I don’t. Welcome to the real world.

    I’m I’m still trying to understand how Katy Perry’s music is directly responsible for America “going to shit”.

  • panamanianprincess12 says:


  • Zeldaschampion says:

    @ilirjannah Well if you consider this an attack on people with braces, what do you consider the song she made called Ur so Gay would be? She being pretty consistent to her style.

  • BieberGirl4Eva1 says:

    @lossie101 so?

  • panamanianprincess12 says:

    @lossie101 who cares about rebecca black

  • ilirjannah says:

    @MrsTaylorLautner99 don’t be silly she wanted to make fun out of her … and I think she’s doing a good job out of it

  • mcdonaldtwins12 says:

    WTF is rebbaca black in it she is shit

  • 2011soulmusic says:

    CHECK OUT MY VIDEO OF Matthew Morrison / Will Schuester Glee saying blowjob on Something For The Weekend

  • juninhooool says:

    @vitexdoidex why people keeping saying to pressing numbers ? i don’t get it lol

  • ilirjannah says:

    @Zeldaschampion I agree to that but come on every 3d person in the whole world had braces so this is pretty much an attack on most of the population of the planet earth ….!!! I surely didn’t like her “ur so gay” song either but come on this is just too much

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