Kameronessi – Morning Dew (Video) *HD*

Kameronessi - Morning Dew (Video) *HD*(video) \ soundcloud.com Free 320k Download at over link or soundcloud.com “It seems that Kameronessi was on the path that electronic music is headed for 2013 for quite some time now; that more subdued and relax kick, toning down over-aggressive “bangers” and turning the process to be more expression of the internal. Utilizing sounds that range from electric guitar to piano samples and beyond, Kameronessi paints a picture with every track he releases. Exploring new worlds and solidifying the fact that tracks can become “masterpieces” without turning the inside of a venue into a pigpen, the sounds of Kameronessi will invoke a deeper connection to music than most can transmit in a few minute time frame.” – The Dankles Video stems Property of Chokchai Clk

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