Justin Bieber’s First Instagram Video SUCKS!

Justin Bieber's First Instagram Video SUCKS!(video) \ I love trolling ­čśë I felt the need to make this video because I know it will get popular and people will understand my point at why his video sucks. Please l…

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  • alison ruiz says:

    Lol, i should make a video about how much THIS video sucks. Gosh wasted 3 minutes and 24 seconds of my life, over a guy babbling on about a 18 sec video; of a normal 19 year old. Seriously? Get a life, and grow some balls; have some respect for once..

  • Marcus Fentress says:

    Dude u are a bitch shut tha fuck up like stop hating like get off him├»┬╗┬┐ obviously u just wanna fit in wit tha otha bieber haters like fuck if you don’t like him don’t fucking judge him by what he does i bet if u liked him u would like the video but u just wanna fit in

  • Patrick Beal says:

    okay, you’re colbywhittle, right who hates justin bieber who is talented, rich, plus the fans loves him and the best popstar in the world. you need to shut the fuck up and stop being a hater to jb and stop├»┬╗┬┐ trolling you motherfucking troll or it will be a punishment.

  • gunnerkairo says:

    You sound like a fat guy so stop hating nd you wish you had his body and selina

  • Diana Martinez says:

    if you hate him then why waste your damn time on this huh? Just gtf out of here and get a fucking life you immature moron!!-_-t

  • Lynnyheartsyou xx says:

    stop talking you retarded fuck

  • shannon calloway says:

    Ohh├»┬╗┬┐ and he ran one person over don’t think he can’t run over another…u

  • youruniquestyle says:

    No one forced you to listen to his music, douche. I feel bad for you. You’re really sad. You mention that you’re 16 so in about 4 years you’re going to look back├»┬╗┬┐ on this and feel really embarrassed. Toodles ­čÖé

  • gunnerkairo says:

    I feel you about the tattoos tho

  • gunnerkairo says:


  • jennifermiranda984 says:

    Why dont you grow some balls & respect him you little cock if you dont like him dont waist your time on him asshole

  • nickymecom says:

    Your horrible just jelouse

  • colbywhittle1 says:

    @Patrick Beal *A punishment* How so?

  • ayeboyjustin says:

    And il be bitching you harder bitch what an asshole

  • Rebekah Stuard says:

    Why do you even care? You obviously have nothing better to do with yourself other than complain about someone you hate. Time to get a life, dude..

  • osvaldo gaitan says:


  • Erica Navarro says:

    Actually there is so many guy believers. For example @iAmMikoe .
    And okay if you hate him so much, then why the fuck are you making a video about him?
    Oh, “his tattoos make him look like a pussy” Please explain how the fuck they make him look like a pussy!
    You’re just mad because 99% of the girls want HIM and NOT you.

  • gunnerkairo says:


  • shannon calloway says:

    U are a bitch…he is a awsome don’t be jelious just because u are not famous…he is laughing at├»┬╗┬┐ his friend and u can shut he fuck up…my brother loves him…he’s 19…and if u don’t want us bitching don’t post it…and if u do know him or his life than shut up…do your research…bitch

  • justjackie2012 says:

    His tats make him look hot ur so freakin stupid yea guys hate him cuz hes hot n their not like u

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