Justin Bieber – Never Say Never ft. Jaden Smith

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Music video by Justin Bieber performing Never Say Never. (C) 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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  • a7xmaggot96 says:

    thumbs up if you entered this video just to dislike it :>

  • TheTitCoco says:

    Justin est trop beau !!

  • Jasianwoo says:

    I don’t get why he says I never thought I could be a singer… He’s not one..

  • arthurodinn says:

    fuck justin biber go jaden

  • sarita31658 says:


  • angelena928 says:


  • arthurodinn says:

    this song whut be better and shorter if JB whunt be in it
    (sorry for bad english)

  • DillMachine007 says:

    jaden smith you beast!

  • aFGnBoY98 says:

    Jaden smith makes justin look like a wimp…. hahha jokes GO JADEN!!!

  • MichaelBostic1 says:

    Hey I don’t want to lie to anyone I’m an unknown singer that just made my first video and would like it if you gave me a few seconds of your time to let me know if I should continue pursuing my dream. Justin Bieber was in the same shoes until you guys gave him a chance. If you do or you don’t thank you, it was worth a try.

  • quayqomtv says:

    advertisment 4 air china or what???

  • tobbsactions says:


  • tobbsactions says:


  • BeatzArtRecords says:

    @tobbsactions Why do you think that he’s gay?

  • Cnishan says:

    i did a dance and i just wanna know my positives and negatives so i can do yet more better ,help me please! 😉
    thankz! =D , youtube.com/watch?v=pzne6G6r6GY

  • zzhivk0 says:

    JB sucks 😀

  • McDuls says:

    justin bieber is jaden smiths girlfriend i heard

  • Maddiejane23 says:

    Justin Bieber is my idol. When i grow up i hope to be just like him, inspiring people everywhere and not taking hate from people who are jealous of him. I am in Australia but i wasn’t in time to buy one of his tickets. that was the BIGGEST mistake of my life. My goal in life is to meet him, not because he is famous but because he is making a difference in this world. This song inspires me to never say never. im going to take his advice and never say never about meeting him.

  • MultiNathan911 says:

    Hi, everyone

    My name is Nathan, I am a 15 year old singer, I have sung since I was 6 and make my own music. I fully understand that this may be only a dream and that it is considered “impossible”. I believe that anything can happen, though I could only be wasting my time writing this. I would give anything to have people viewing my songs and liking me

    Anyone who reads this comment, please help me. Please like this so it can be seen.

    thanks a million time

  • blue4lifenevared says:

    i fkn hate this cunt but this is pree good

  • tujjy1234 says:

    i’m here to say i hate JB

  • aaaprilxo97 says:

    what i dont get it is, why people are saying mean shit, saying he’s gay & shit. If you dont have anything good to say dont say it all, keep it too yourself, or blabber of to someone that actually cares. He’s just a kid, that has a good oppitunity in life, he can sing. so what if he’s a tad girly, its his choice, i didnt no there was a rule saying yu could control his life, he can do whatever he wants! 🙂 , thats all , oh and one more thing , i ♥ you justin and jaden 🙂 🙂

  • trrropicccco says:

    thumbs up if u were here to dislike the vid

  • tiktok388 says:

    @blue4lifenevared Hes fuckin hot!

  • aaaprilxo97 says:

    who just liked my comment haha ?

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