Judy Garland Barbra Streisand Duet – Get Happy / Happy Days Are Here Again

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Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand sing “Get Happy” and “Happy Days Are Here Again” in a counterpoint duet. This performance is from episode 9 of the Judy Garland Show, broadcast on October 6, 1963. It is available in a number of DVD “Judy Garland Show” collections which seem to go in and out of print. US viewers can probably buy or rent one of these DVDs online; worldwide viewers are probably out of luck. Barbra was 21 years old at the time and received an Emmy nomination for her guest appearance. On October 12, 2010, the hit television series GLEE featured this duet, with Barbra’s role performed by Lea Michele and Judy’s role performed by Chris Colfer. Lea was 24 at the time while Chris was 20 years old. Both Lea and Chris are very talented young singers and gave an amazing performance of this song. Kudos to GLEE for including this song on the show. I still wish GLEE didn’t feel the need to disguise the warmth of their talented cast members’ voices with AutoTune. They hire wonderful singers, then electronically distort their vocal skills. However, GLEE is introducing a new generation of viewers to wonderful songs like this, so I can’t really complain. Browse our website at www.theBestArts.com for more great dance, music and musical theatre performances. Check out http for more great songs from the Judy Garland Show.

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  • MikeIdy6000 says:

    @joemanvano they’re singing right there

  • PeachAngel511 says:

    They wernet trying to do it better on Glee they were doin a homage or whatever its called to Judy and Barbra so ppl just chill. And i think some of you should notice that more new fans are appreciating old classics because of Glee if u look more into the comment board you’ll see ppl saying that Glee brought them here so Glee is probally helping not tearing down classics, their actually trying to bring them back. so before you over react read the comments and watch an actual show not just clips.

  • texasxgrrl says:

    Pure magic.

  • avenger1000 says:

    @lawdavisut look up the acapella version of the Glee song. The autotune is more apparent. BTW autotune helps the show to release songs quicker. That’s why they’ll always use autotune on songs that don’t need it. It takes alot of time to get normal vocals “just right” in the studio.

  • livinglife4above says:

    i don’t know wich one i like better: Glee’s version or the original!!! <3 this song!!

  • 22poeg says:

    It’s been approaching half a century between the Garland-Streisand original “Duet” and the 2010 GLEE tribute to one of the great moments in musical theatre/movie/TV history. Lea and Chris’ performance was so good it brought a tear to the eye of an old-timer who actually remembers watching the the original ‘Judy Garland” TV show “way back when.” Their performance was an amazing tribute to an great moment in TV history. Thank you GLEE for a wonderful tribute to a legendary “duet.”

  • jegra83 says:

    @BestArtsJudy Why must one be a professional recording technician to be able to discern auto-tune? It’s perfectly plain to hear. Glee don’t use it universally, but they do use it liberally. It’s such a shame; the human voice isn’t supposed to be even-tempered, but the vocalists end up sounding like robots – something which clearly isn’t their fault.

  • glowforever1 says:

    CLASSIC!!! 🙂

  • Gerschanel says:

    this is brillant!

  • tmh2939 says:


  • AdrianBob89 says:


  • chubie10 says:

    Whatever technologies you cite, I don’t care. it’s not noticeable to me, at least to dumb newbies like me, for as long as musicals like Glee are able to draw the classics to younger generations today, like myself. After hearing all the classic songs sang by the cast, I was able to appreciate more of the classic. They don’t mean to hurt the original, they only mean to revive it and remind the younger generation what has been and will be the music.

  • bethhlaurennx says:

    this is a good song you should hear sabrinastar99 sing it

  • YourMajestyFilms says:

    Made me teary eyed. Such brilliant talent <3

  • Ayries says:

    @lawdavisut You don’t need to be a pro to hear the digital distortion autotune tends to add to a track. Lea is madly talented and doesn’t need it, but for some reason, they DO use it. And it sucks, because she’s way better than that, but there you go. It’s not an insult to her, but to the people who put it on to start with.

  • LaLaLauraLucy says:

    Judy and Barbra sang this AMAZINGLY and so did Lea and Chris. Seriously..I don’t understand why everyone is making a big deal about it….BOTH OF THEM SANG IT FREAKINN GOOD.

  • Acoontey says:

    Glee xD

  • matboy891 says:

    this is a true duet of amazing people. The other people who sing it, no matter what they do, cannot compare. =) we will always love you Judy and we still love listening to you both =)

  • ArsenicxAnatomy says:

    omg great duet both women have beautiful voices. love listening to music like this it brings me back to simple days spending times with my grandma watching old movies R.I.P grandma and judy garland

  • jonthom11702 says:

    I see a few comments about the Auto-tuning of Glee performances. I love Glee, but yeah. You can hear that they use Auto-tune. I’m not criticizing them for it. The fact remains the actors wouldn’t be on the show if they couldn’t actually sing. I just chalk it up to meeting the demands of turning out a weekly show.

    Having said all that, the Glee performance of this song was a great tribute, and it motivated me to look up the original that inspired it. This still sounds incredible.

  • jaangs says:

    Thumbs up if gLee brought you here 😀

  • marsbar23 says:

    LOVE this song! especially their voices together! thank you so much to glee for introducing me to this song, as well as so much more great music

  • Meme0shane says:

    Chris and Lea did them well.

  • difficlty says:

    Wow-this vid is amazing! Theres no one like judy. As for glee wether they use autotune on some cast members i cant argue with-but lea and chris?? Definatly not-both are phenomenal performers who did judy and babara proud!

  • BestArtsJudy says:

    Thanks to GLEE producers for saluting this wonderful duet with a great performance by Lea Michele and Chris Colfer. I’ve added a video response here with one of my favorite duets, from Carol Burnett and Ruthie Henshall. If you enjoy this type of music, please explore my non-commercial website, theBestArts, for many more great performances.

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