Josh Groban – “Hidden Away” Official Music Video

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© 2010 WMG Josh Groban – “Hidden Away” Official Music Video – New album Illuminations available November 15th.

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  • TheSunEast says:

    Wonderful music and Voice
    Wish you dear friend Happy New Year 2011

  • jetta4eva says:

    My new fav song of Josh’s!!! <3

  • charles43110 says:

    I just sent this to a student I mentor in Japan

    This wonderful & gifted girl who has been through terrible challenges.
    Struck by a truck on her way to school. I felt it in my sleep.
    I mailed her in class & urged the school to rush her to a hospital & she slipped into a long coma. Months later her father was in a coma for weeks. I urged her to go in her traditional costume & dance for him. Holding his head in her hands he woke up & cried. Now her mother collapsed from all this stress

  • MrDarkfly82 says:

    My girlfriend and I just made this OUR song 🙂

  • BananaBreadinc says:

    I absolutely ADORE this song. It is amazing. 🙂

  • jackie7147 says:

    He has such a beautiful voice!!!!

  • ZaSang says:

    please, don’t keep your heart hidden away,,,YOU shake it out, sing it aoud, All i want to see is YOU be Happy – in every moment in your days…

  • broadwayxdude06 says:

    @beti48 i wanna message you. im a christian too. i love josh. he is AMAZING!!! i wanna message you and talk to you more about this if thats ok

  • broadwayxdude06 says:

    @beti48 haha yeah i know its weird and stupid

  • beti48 says:

    @broadwayxdude06 sure message me anytime

  • myguwonmyone says:

    a beautiful song…

    And all these words you were meant to say
    Held in silence day after day
    Words of kindness that our poor hearts crave
    Please, don’t keep them hidden away

    Sing it out so I can finally breathe in
    I can take in all you say
    Reaching out for someone I believe in
    All I really need today

    I want to feel your love, will you reveal your love?
    Please, don’t keep your love hidden away
    I want to free your heart, I want to see your heart
    Please, don’t keep your heart hidden away

  • kazmjfan4eva2010 says:


  • BeanKroc says:

    As soon as I heard that Rick Rubin was producing Josh’s newest release, I knew then that it would be incredible. And like so many of Rubin’s previous productions, Illuminations maintains his reputation. My compliments to Rubin and Groban.

  • Cseellee says:

    I can’t stop listening this! Lovely!!

  • brianzgurl1617 says:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SONG!!! Its my twins song!

  • brianzgurl1617 says:

    and to all of you who are arguing about Christians and all that well I say stand up for what you believe but also be gentle. The Bible says to be like doves. I should know because I am a Christian have been for 11 years. And nowhere in the Bible does it say that you only have to listen to a certain kind of music. God isn’t going to send you to hell for listening to secular music. This is personally one of my fave songs. If you don’t like the song or the artist then DON”T COMMENT!!!!!

  • gje33 says:

    Brilliant Artist!

  • kahandcubby says:

    Very meaningful song, beautifully performed!!

  • JazzKeyboardist1 says:

    thanks for your kanye parody,, that took balls,,, now if someone could tell me how to play rap songs instrumentally on my piano

  • 5sien says:

    I just love this song; in the past weeks I must’ve listened to it tens of times already!! Keep singing Groban – you’re the best!

  • MrNikeGolf1 says:

    @gje33 Never have I heard such a brilliant voice.

  • Izaura72 says:

    Gratulálok 🙂 gyönyörű szép 🙂 !

  • Tweetrick says:

    i would love to see him do broadway

  • rejoicify says:

    @Tweetrick Check out the Chess recording on iTunes. It was a charity concert though, if I remember correctly.

  • mccormickchantel says:

    Finally! A beautiful, non-audiotoned song with actual meaning!

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