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Luvies, this is my video for my love song “natural” . This isn’t an official single but just a taste of what’s to come 🙂 you are what makes my heart go and skip a beat 🙂 Directed by: Alfredo Flores

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  • BSBLOVER100 says:

    – This song is just so beautiful Jazz ! You are such an inspiration to us jasminators ! You show us to believe in ourselves and not let the hate get to us ! This song is just wonderful and u sound great ! U have all our support ! I’ll always be ur #1 jasminator ! U are rily talented and im not surprised u have SO many fans ! You are just too good ! 🙂

    xo Shanelle

  • JandNiKkiB says:

    Awesome song!
    Help me out youtube and check out my page!
    New music!

  • carly1rox says:

    u suck

  • DisneyMakeMeOva says:

    @carly1rox Firstly,why are you BOTHERING watching the video if you think she sux?? EXCACTLY !! Ask yo’self that.Your just a hater who clearly seems to suffer from putting people down.Jasmine is talented,beautiful and amazing.if you cant see it , dont comment cos at the end of the day .. YOU DONT COUNT !! -.- BUT JASMINE: I love this song and its great,well done.dont let haters get to you,ok? 😀

  • itsjessiexo09 says:

    is that her bpyfriend ???

  • Armenian241 says:

    Shesss prettttttttty<3333333333333333333333333333333

  • CamilleTinio7 says:

    WOW!!! I finally know what makes you more beautiful!

  • camilabjm22 says:

    i love heeeeeeeeeeeeeer

  • BieberXoBeadles says:

    awwwh. you and ur boyfriend are so adorable, i love u so much jasmine<3 ur my role model<3 i love youuuuuu!<3

  • jose3309 says:

    muy hermoso tu video

  • MattyMorgan31 says:

    wow this gal is ridiculously gorgeous!

  • ItsCatyLexi says:

    I don’t really like Jasmine,.. and I think that most of her “fans” only like her cause she friends with Bieber.. but this song are kind of awesome.. really cute song<3

  • ItsCatyLexi says:


  • coco4yoyo says:

    I love ur Hair On this video..u should do a Hair tutorial on it:) beautiful:)

  • frendstiltheend says:

    @coco4yoyo she said she will itz coming on wednesday

  • BerrySwingingJumper says:

    I love this! Your soo stunning JV

  • JhabeaFanaticsme says:

    @TeamJacobx12 Even though! Justin is having his puberty right now… hahaha!!

  • TheMsgleegirl says:

    I love you sooo much!
    U are talented & amazing!
    UR songs are soooo beautiful!
    Love ya Jasmine!
    Follow me on twitter @cateburnett612!

  • kaykay3267 says:

    Awww that’s sooo cuutteee(: she put her boyfriend in the video x) TOO CUTE

  • anukikiluv says:

    you kinda somewhat look like selena gomez

  • ezeocha says:

    cheating is wrong

  • DackushBieber says:

    What a bitch. Ur fucking face isnt natural, its just make up! U did this cuz selena has a song called Naturally u bitch! U cant b like her NEVER! U-G-L-Y whore

  • xobuggarooxo says:

    @DackushBieber Wow. By saying that, you are just making her stronger. And i’m sure that she doesn’t care what you say, because it’s just an opinion, and if you don’t have anything to say, don’t bother to say anything. Just think about if you were a beautiful girl like Jasmine, getting hate comments like this. I bet that you would be hurt and upset about it. So if you don’t like her, don’t go onto her videos only to make her feel bad, and just go away if you don’t.

  • MeLiiZhiiTa95 says:

    your beautiful!!!:D
    i love ur songs!!

  • Renesmee674 says:

    I used to be a hater :/ But I kinda regret it because you never really did anything wrong, so now I’m a Jasminator </3

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